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In an effort to “think outside of the box,” I’m setting myself up for failure a weekly photo challenge for a year.  Ambitious of me?  Yes.  But not as ambitious as the 365 photo challenge.  That would certainly be failure.

I have 52 ordinary, everyday subjects that are completely random, that have to be photographed the week it’s assigned to.  I’m hoping to catch the creative bug and provide a different point of view… but we’ll have to see that goes.  The plan is to post on Wednesdays.  We’ll have to see how that goes too.

Week 1  begins Wednesday, August 26, 2009.

And of course, feel free to join in on the fun times.  The more, the merrier.  I don’t care what kind of camera you have or who you are, play along if you’re up for it.  Check out our little flickr group we got going on: shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. Chair – 08.26.09
  2. Cocktail – 09.02.09
  3. Window – 09.09.09
  4. Color: Red – 09.16.09
  5. Medicine – 09.23.09
  6. Books – 09.30.09
  7. Map – 10.07.09
  8. Speed – 10.14.09
  9. Color: White – 10.21.09
  10. Time – 10.28.09
  11. Candy – 11.04.09
  12. Zipper – 11.11.09
  13. Water – 11.18.09
  14. Color: Green – 11.25.09
  15. Fork – 12.02.09
  16. Cold – 12.09.09
  17. Road – 12.16.09
  18. Feet – 12.23.09
  19. Color: Brown – 12.30.09
  20. Fire – 01.06.10
  21. Toilet – 01.13.10
  22. Eyes – 01.20.10
  23. Lingerie – 01.27.10
  24. Color: Yellow – 02.03.10
  25. Cards – 02.10.10
  26. Up – 02.17.10
  27. Puzzle – 02.24.10
  28. Suitcase – 03.03.10
  29. Color: Blue – 03.10.10
  30. Door knob – 03.17.10
  31. Reflection – 03.24.10
  32. Shoe – 03.31.10
  33. Smell – 04.07.10
  34. Color: Orange – 04.14.10
  35. Smile – 04.21.10
  36. Change – 04.28.10
  37. Hands – 05.05.10
  38. Music – 05.12.10
  39. Color: Black – 05.19.10
  40. Skyline – 05.26.10
  41. Hot – 06.02.10
  42. Bridge – 06.09.10
  43. Button – 06.16.10
  44. Color: Purple – 06.23.10
  45. Hat – 06.30.10
  46. Down – 07.07.10
  47. Fruit – 07.14.10
  48. Grass – 07.21.10
  49. Color: Pink – 07.28.10
  50. Bicycle – 08.04.10
  51. Pencil – 08.11.10
  52. Mail – 08.18.10

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  1. […] in the back that’s one subject a week for an entire year – ambitious of me, huh?) on my Weekly Photo Challenge page and I hope am going to photograph that subject in the week it’s assigned to.   The […]

  2. this will be a hard project to turn down but am in the middle of launching a really big, really fun photography effort called The Ride Project. therideproject.com should be live early Sept. I hope to jump into your challenge later in the year!

  3. Brooke do you mind if I play along? I need a kick in the butt and your weekly idea seems like a good idea. I have Flickr and a wordpress blog too. Let me know!

    • Most definitely. And I’d love for you to share. I like it when people play nice in the sandbox.
      I think I’m going to set up a new “blog roll” but instead it will be “challenger roll” to connect to flickr/blogs/whatever. Can’t wait to see whatcha come up with!

  4. Interesting. I think I shall give this a shot. This just might be the jump start I need to get back into photography again. The cocktail and lingerie one I shall have to pass on in the future though.

    Will definitely be on my blog and flickr though. Your permission to allow me to try this out shall be anticipated.



    • But of course! And it’s all about perspective; cocktail doesn’t have to be a fancy libation and lingerie…well, I think there’s a lot wiggle room in this one actually!

  5. I’m up for the challenge! I’ll participate as much as a high schooler can while still maintaining good grades. But this is going to be a great inspiration 🙂

  6. this is fantastic! can’t wait to give it a whirl!

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  8. Great idea Brooke. This will be fun! I will try to keep up. I’ll post my pics on my blog.


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  10. Oooh, I like this! I’ll totally join in. You can find my Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dawn1980/. (Creating a pool for this would also be cool, if you haven’t done that already.)

  11. I started a tad late, but here is my link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26568504@N08/

    I have a pool specifically for this =)



  12. Hi, just found your blog and found this challenge – I really like the idea but am still struggling to come to terms with my new digital camera – so Im doing what all the cool kids do and am blogging about my learning experiences.

    Can I post a link to this on my blog – its here if you want to check out


  13. Your mother-in-law has been checking out your blog and I find it very interesting. But can’t you take a better pic of my handsome son. I love seeing all your daily shots. I just loved the fair ones.

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  16. I’ve joined your flickr group. Not entirely sure how to add a photo but I’ll see if I can work it out!!

    • It’s super easy – once you upload your photos, there’s an “add to group” button at the top. You click it, choose the group and viola – it shows up!
      I’m so glad you’re joining! Next week’s subject is “time.” However you decide to interpret. Have fun with it!

  17. […] It was back to taking pictures and getting lost in the process. I am fortunate that the green and un-green members of my family are patient and kind with me. Next weeks theme is “fork.” Maybe the dishes will get done? Once again, many thanks to shutterboo. […]

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  19. […] back story is I was trying to capture a “cold” photo for my Weekly Photo Challenge.  I asked Amy to bring in a few scarves and what not and we’d not only get a picture for me, […]

  20. I started my daily photo blog as a challenge for myself to get out on a daily basis and click, click, click. So far I’m having so much fun and learning a lot about the process. You’re website it also very inspiring and helpful. I’m going to try out some of the weekly photo challenges.
    Some of my personal favorites that I’ve produced are posted on my blog under “Top Posts”.


  21. Lady, Brown is kicking my brown booty.

  22. Hey Brooke!
    I think i’m ready to play- what day of the week do you start the “topic”? I’m thinking of my brown now…

    • I post on Wednesdays. So today I posted brown. Next Wednesday, I’m posting “fire”. Feel free to catch up but I think it’s easier to start with “fire” and go on. I’m excited you’re joining the challenge, Denise!

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  24. […] I’m not quite sure yet. I decided to do fire for my first challenge based on what I read on ShutterBoo. The picture below is some what mediocre but I guess that’s what happens when you decide to […]

  25. […] week’s subject for the Weekly Photo Challenge was fire.  I really wanted a flame (because flames look super fly when pixelated) but I was taking […]

  26. Alright, I have joined in the fun! I changed the list up a little bit but most of the subjects are the same. I’m glad to get this started off at the first of the year. Thanks again for the idea!!

  27. Seriously??? TOILET!?!?! you’re killing me!! okay. i’ll do it. wah. 😉

  28. […] aka Shutterboo has weekly challenges- this week it’s TOILET.  Ya.  She’s nutz, right?  I spent about 20 minutes trying […]

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  32. i tried to add this one to the suitcase challenge but it won’t let me and i cannot figure out why.

    Suitcase Challenge

    “We can’t add that to the group because it’s either already in the group, is in too many groups, or doesn’t follow the rules of this group.”

    tagged as requested, not naked, can’t figure it out at all.

    • Dude, I got nothing. I clicked on the link and it said “out of your safe search filter.” Do you have your photos or profile rated as moderate instead of safe? Only photos classified as “safe” can post to the group.

      • i have some nekkids in my sets so let me double check my profile setting and try again.

      • I love that word. Nekkid. heehee.

      • me too!

        i reset all settings to “safe” and it still won’t. maybe it needs 24 hours to update? who knows. i’ll just play along on the side till then.

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  35. […] turns for the better or I have a “model”, it probably won’t come true.  The weekly photo challenge keeps me on my  toes and I always look forward to Wednesdays but I needed something more.  And […]

  36. […] forever away but it really isn’t.  Six weeks will fly by super fast.  That’s six weekly photo challenge Wednesdays – time flies when you’re having fun.  Which is why I’ve started the […]

  37. […] a simple enough list, especially when I have a little partner in crime. I originally started with shutterboo’s weekly list , which ended up serving as my framework as I filtered through and added most of my own items. […]

  38. Hmm…I’ve always considered the committment of a 365-project far too daunting for a single father. Perhaps this is my answer… I might have to borrow your Theme List as a groundwork for my own in the very near future…

    BTW…I went ahead and added this great blog to my blogroll. Great shots and storytelling!

  39. Hi. I just found your challenge and would love to join! I am a blogger and a flickr member, so please add my blog http://losingvisiongaininginsight.wordpress.com/ and my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/48662326@N06/ to you challenger roll. I am a beginner “blind” photographer and most of my photos have been flowers, so I think your challenge is just what I need to branch out. I would also like to add your challenge page to my blogroll, if that is okay. Thanks for the inspiration, Belinda

    • I’ll get you on the challenger roll. 🙂 I’d say pick up where we are: hands is the next subject. Feel free to join the flickr group; everyone is very kind and encouraging. Most of us are hobbyist but it’s fun to see what we all come up with. Welcome and have fun!

  40. […] it is time to head over to the Flickr photo pool to see which one I submitted for shutterboo’s photo challenge. After that you must venture out, find your closest independent music merchant, walk right in and […]

  41. Brooke,
    I think I’m going to hop in next week if that’s cool with you. I’ve been playing with settings and now it is time to focus on different subjects. Love that you’re doing this!

    • Yep! The group is 44 weeks through the challenge so feel free to jump in on week 45 or start your own. My wheels are turning on what to do next so check back in a few and see if a new challenge would interest you. 🙂

  42. […] Well you should.  She takes incredible pictures and is disciplined enough to complete one photo assignment each week.  She also did that fantastic tutorial on how to make a light box which led me to make my own.  […]

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