Getting Closer

I’ve began to notice that my 50mm has me trained.  After using that lens for about a year and leaving is slapped on the kahuna 85% of the time, I’ve been whipped into shape and “step away” from subjects I’m photographing.  With the slight zoom and the fact that you have to be about a foot away for AF to work, my feet automatically shuffle backwards.  And now I do this with my other lenses.  It was time to break the habit.

On my lunchtime walk last week my only mission was to lean in and get as close as I could.  Not exactly macro shots but just up-close-and-personal.  A different view for the sake of getting out of a rut.  I didn’t dare stray too far because it’s been hotter than the hinges on hell’s door lately, so you local folk will note I was around Slugger Field.  I’ve photographed everything in the five-block radius of work so this was a chance to try to capture something different.


Statue of Paul Hornung, a Louisville native who played football at Notre Dame in the 1950s.  He went on to be a Green Bay Packer.


Our trash cans.  I happen to like the detail.

And being reminded I’m in Downtown Louisville.


Chain = Do Not Enter


Warehouse loading dock.  Old dirty buildings keep things interesting.

LIly @ Waterfront

And another view of the lily.  I like how the filament follows the color of the flower, changing from red to yellow.


~ by shutterboo on June 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Getting Closer”

  1. Loving the statue.

  2. I like the photos. The shot of the chain in particular reminds me that, in this age of cheap digital cameras, it’s striking when you come across a picture shows has depth of field. When everything’s so crisp, it’s hard to focus on the details.

  3. Thanks for taking the one of Paul Hornung — great to see a Notre Dame legend, even if he was before both our times!!

  4. Great idea, Boo. I’m super-diggin that chain shot. Sweet!

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