Photo Walk: Lily

Lily @ Waterfront

If it blooms, I will find it.

I love flower shots.  It’s a mild obsession.

I took this photo down at Waterfront Park on my lunch break.

Pretty.  Lilies are a favorite.  Stargazers and Casablancas topping the list.

What you can’t see is the bum on the bench behind.

You also can’t hear him asking “What are you doing?”

I have a camera.  Pointed at a flower.  So… what do you think I’m doing?

People always want to talk.  Can’t just mind their own business.

Don’t worry.  I was nice.  I smiled.  Kindly.

No.  I don’t have a cigarette.

It never fails.



~ by shutterboo on June 22, 2010.

9 Responses to “Photo Walk: Lily”

  1. Loved your shot — the angle, the detail, the colors! Thanks for a day-brightener, when we’re facing yet another stormy day here.

    • Thanks Debbie – yeah, I’ve heard all over Facebook about the storms in Chicago and Indy so you’re smack dab in the middle! Take shelter and stay dry!

  2. They often ask me for cigarettes. I’m 9 months pregnant. Even if I was a smoker do you think I would have a cigarette now? Sometimes after not getting a cigarette from me they ask me for bus fare. No, I don’t have bus fare for you either. Maybe if you quit smoking you’d have the $1.50 for the bus.

  3. This shot blinded me with it’s beauty!! Great JOB!!!

  4. Great shot Boo. What lens did you use?

  5. Drop dead gorgeous!!!

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