She Lurves The Water

Wet Chevy

You can’t tell, but the BDD is wet is this photo.  The fur on her face is sticking together and the odor of outside dog is rising off her back.  But I had to do it.

The thing I love most about the BDD is that she does things that Chase will not.  One of those being her love for water.  Chase only wants to drink it; she tiptoes around the yard when those only dew on the grass.  Chevy could give a ratsass about dew.  She seeks out puddles of water.  And the water hose.

With the BDD being deaf, she plays a little differently.  Well, I guess it could be personality but she does things no other dog I’ve owned does.  She enjoys the chase a bit more where our other doggin just looks at you stupidly like “you could not give enough biscuits to do that.”  Not the  BDD.  She is addicted to fetch, red laser lights, bubbles and the water hose.

All I wanted to do was water my potted plants.  Really.  I had no intention of soaking the dog.  When she started sticking her nose in the dirt to “get” the water, I had clean off her face.  Which turned into a fun game of “chase the stream of water over here” and “catch the drops in your mouth” and “how wet can we possibly get the BDD”.  Fun games.  But all end with a soaked doggin.  Who was thirsty – how, I don’t know.

I left her outside to dry.  Three minutes later the hubs walks in the backdoor, letting her in.  Here comes twenty questions.

“Why is the BDD outside?”  Because she’s wet.

“Why is she wet?”  She got in the way of the water hose.

“Why were you using the water hose?”  To water our plants?

“And she got this wet?”  She was bound and determined.

“So why didn’t you leave her outside?”  I did, Sherlock.  You let her in.

By this time, the BDD has guzzled the water in their bowl and proceeded to dry herself off by rubbing the top of her head on the carpet.  The room is filling with the smell of hot grass and hot dog breath.  I’m not thrilled.

“Want to get some B-Dubs?”  I see.  You change the… yeah, let me grab my purse.


~ by shutterboo on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “She Lurves The Water”

  1. Aww, now she’s just too cute! Who could fuss at a face like that? I guess most doggins like a water hose, esp. on a hot day!

    • Most but not all. We took Chase to a dog park with a few other dogs. They all took off for the pond. Chase started to trot off and then thought better of it; she’d rather have full human attention than get wet.

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