Bumble Bee


Shorts.  Going sleeveless.  Painted toes.  Being a porch monkey.  Spending time with friends.  Blooming flowers.  Grilling out.  A bucket of beers outside.  Lazy rivers.  Sandals.  Tan lines.  Outdoor concerts.  Wading.  Icecream cones.  Lake living.  Longer days.  Vacations.


Shaving my legs.  Sweating.  Being chased by bees.  Bugs in general.  Swimsuits.  Pulling weeds.  Sweating.  I really don’t like it.  Working.  I should have totally been a school teacher.

You can’t help but enjoy this time of year.  Sure, it’s hot and sticky and allergies flare up, but there’s so much to do and you actually want to do it.  Because it’s warm.  Because it doesn’t get dark until 9pm.  Because putting off laundry is a totally reasonable excuse for grabbing a drink with friends at a picnic table in the middle of a cornhole tournament.

I know it’s mid-June but it feels like summer is just kicking off.  The weather has been HOT in this region, with pop-up thunderstorms keeping humidity high.  But I have that summer bug.  I’m ready to cut loose and play things by ear.

I have somethings on the docket.  Like actually going to Downs After Dark.  Another Thirsty Thursday.  Watching Little Skipper knock one out of the park.  Celebrating Independence Day.  Hullabalou.  A girls trip to NOLA.  Road trip to Indy to visit my favorite pseudo Hoosiers.  I’m rather excited… and it’s all started to sink in because it’s June.

Who knows what else is in store.  Besides more trips to the Comfy Cow and hitting up Cefiore in the Highlands [as I heard it’s similar to Pinkberry].  But that’s the fun of it.  Because the most random, last-minute adventures are the ones you remember best.

Here’s to summer – may 2010 be the best one yet.


~ by shutterboo on June 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Summer-Summer-Summertime”

  1. yes ma’am. I loved this one from you! Made me want to go outside. Except its hot as hell here in alabama now and there are bugs out there! I went to my grandparents last weekend and while waiting for them to get home I took some pictures and walked around their yard barefoot. That soft grass was bliss.

  2. And I love the fresh-air scent that follows my doggin inside, not to mention the fact that he finally blows his coat (meaning less hair for me to brush!)

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