Mi Casa Marron

This is my home.  Cute, huh?  We moved back to Louisville in 2007 but this photo was taken in 2008.  I had just gotten a new lens, my ultra-wide magic glass, and was playing with it in the yard.  I firmly believe the neighbors think I’m a crazy lady.

Home 2008

Anyway, I’m sharing this with you so that I can actually say “hey, look at what I did with my front yard!”  I don’t know how much you’ll be able to see on a 3×5 picture though.  The hubs and I tackled our front flower beds; those four bushes on the right grew so fast and my bush trimmers just couldn’t keep up and we really thought the flower beds were too big.  For a gal that hates weeding, we solved the problem and made the beds smaller.  Now you can actually see more of the house.  I dig.

To show you what we did, I took the time to do a little illustrating.

Before with Xs

If you take a short adventure to my flickr, you’ll be able to read the lovely note tags that I added.

Those red Xs signify the items that were removed.  Four honking spruce bushes, two cone evergreen trees that weren’t ever green on the back and the “edgers”.  The previous owners used retaining wall blocks as edgers.  Bad idea.  And a couple hostas came out too so that we could take the beds back some.  I don’t really care for hostas anyway.  They attract big fat bumble bees and happen to be as gluttonous as my violet.

I had so much fun with the painting, I decided to throw her a bone and draw the BDD.  She doesn’t get to come into the front yard often.  Especially with no leash.  Being deaf means she can’t hear squat.  Like the car barreling down the road.  Or her master calling for her.  She makes it out front on a lead every now and then but it’s embarrassing as she screams with delight.  I pinky promise I’m not beating the dog – she’s just happy.

Before with Xs & BDD

Well on to better things, the hubs and I tackled the bed on the right first.  We pulled out the bushes, we tilled the dirt, we laid new weed-blocker and even managed to get some free sod from a friend.  The other bed… took some time… to get motivated… but we finally finished it about three weeks ago.  Happy that’s marked off the list.  This is what we ended up with:

Home 2010

Let there be brick.  The porch can actually be seen from the sidewalk now.  And even though my concrete planters are deteriorating, I still love ’em.  The beds are cleaned up, new mulch went down (black mulch at that… we went all fancy on ourselves) and even put in to edgers.  I love it.

My Baby Grass

And… my baby grass!  So proud that these little sprouts are growing.  But you can see we made the flower bed about 1.5 feet shorter.  Less bed, less wedding.  Amen.  We chose simple edgers because as the grass grows, it will cover them some.  And they’re a little wonky but this gal doesn’t care because it’s d-o-n-e, done.

Home 2010

Home sweet home.  The BDD couldn’t take it any more.  She has this bad habit of pushing the blinds out of her way to see outside.  That’s her, in the second window.  Food Lady, what you doin’ outside? Every time she does it I think, “She can’t live without her momma, she has to see what I’m doing, how cute”. But then I look at my window sills and steam starts coming out my ears.  Arg.  At least she keeps us on our toes.


~ by shutterboo on June 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “Mi Casa Marron”

  1. these are some really cool shots.
    I really like the way the shadow moves across the lawn in the first one

    • Our house faces northwest so the front doesn’t get much sun. The houses across the street were blocking the sunset, creating the shadows.

  2. I detest weeding. And now I can add “highly allergic to poison ivy” to my list of reasons that weeding is one big Boo. Almost four weeks later and my arms are still all jacked up. Boo poison ivy…boo on you.

  3. love it. this is going to sound crazy, but your house reminds me of the duplex i lived in in college. i loved that place. so therefore, i love your place. 🙂

  4. I had fun snooping around the pictures on Flckr, I like the green door, btw. It’s a lovely house.

    PS: Are you as bummed as I am now that Justified’s season is done? Cuz I’m about to slit my wrists!

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