I’ve Got Zilch : Listastic

I ain’t got nuthin.  No photos.  No stories.  Nada.  Part of it has to do with the fact I’m still sorting through wedding photos.  As in I haven’t even began editing them.  Yah, this is going to take awhile.  Another part is I’ve got a stringent list of things to do around the house – we are planning on having another party this July and I’m a little behind on my chores.  So is the hubs [on the basement].  And the lastly because I sat on my butt and watched So You Think You Can Dance last night.  Got lots accomplished last night.

OK, I guess I lied.  I have snippets.  This calls for a list.  I love lists.

things from the past week

  • I went to my mis tres amigas softball game last week.  Only dos de tres amigas were playing.  I don’t play sports – I save myself the embarrassment.  And while they were beaten 17-2 (the other team had Melissa DeHart, come on), I was wildly entertained by Little Skipper.  She’s a solid batter but when she stepped up to the plate and whacked the ball, she yelled “BAM!”.  I asked her why and she said, “I wanted the other team to think I hit it really far.”  I clearly need to go to more softball games.
  • I also went to a Bats game.  I really enjoy Bats games.  Too bad I never watch the game.  I’m a social butterfly at Slugger Field.
  • I have taken my DAd’s place.  While at my cousin’s house watching all of my other cousins get dolled up for the wedding on Saturday, Chris turned to me and asked, “Where’s your DAd?  He usually eats this stuff up?”  I replied, “That’s what I’m here for.” while holding up the kahuna.  Yep.  My father’s daughter.  Hoowah.
  • Sex and The City 2 was OK.  I liked it.  But happy I paid the matinee price.  The company and lunch was better.  But I still liked it.  I’m blaming it on the fact that I love the show so much.  I’m such a girl.
  • I can grow grass.  We finally completed the second flower bed and I spread grass seed like it was glitter.  And now I have baby grass.  It’s cute.  I never would have thought baby grass would be cute but it is.  So cute.
  • Pizza Hut > Papa Johns.  Totally.
  • I don’t know how I’m going to live without Mel’s cooking.  She made spaghetti taste good.  And her meatballs?  nomnomnomnomnom.
  • Michigan, you’re still on my shit list.
  • The hubs told me a funny story about Treasure Island and plundering booty and I’m still laughing about it this morning.  Plundering booty.  Ha.
  • Glee has got to be one of the best TV shows on air right now.  I love the ridiculousness they get away with (like Sue threatening to kick Molly Shannon in her taco) and Brittany’s straight-faced one-liners [and that she wore her cheerleader outfit backwards this week].  Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
  • I also believe this be true of Modern Family.  I heart Cam.
  • Why do there have to be season finales?  My DVR is going to be so dry this summer.  Boo.

~ by shutterboo on June 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “I’ve Got Zilch : Listastic”

  1. I’ve been pondering going to catch a matinee of Sex & The City 2, as well. On one hand, I know it won’t be all that good and I should just wait for it to hit cable or Netflix, but on the other, I really liked the show (and the first movie), and I’m curious and have time during the day so… a matinee it might be. And you may have talked me into it.

    I plan to use this summer to catch up on shows I was too busy to watch during the year. Like Modern Family.

    • Well make sure you get some popcorn or snowcaps so that you’re not completely disappointed. I did like it – but it had nothing on the series or even the first movie.

      My dear, you will love Modern Family. 🙂

  2. Uh, for allegedly having nada…I’d say this is a fantastic post. I gobbled up every word! As a bonus today…I was delighted to read Pizza Hut > Papa Johns…SO TRUE!

    • We wage pizza wars in my house. I dislike everything from PJ – but love the Papa commercials because they’re always somewhere familiar. Happens when he’s from the sunny side (that would be southern Indiana).

  3. I lus you 🙂

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