While The Hubs Is Away…

… in the kitchen I play.  Seriously.  When the hubs is out on business, I cook, try to make myself something fun.  It’s my time to experiment considering Mike is picky has a limited palate.  Sometimes I find a new recipe.  But most times I toss stuff in a bowl and keep my fingers crossed.  A little kitchen chemistry, if you will.

I know that veggie pizza is a no brainer: crust, sauce, veggies, cheese.  But I couldn’t believe how yummy this turned out.  I cheated with one of those “add hot water” pizza crusts but spiced it up with olive oil, fresh parsley and garlic powder.  I could have eaten the crust by itself.  I topped it with every vegetable I had in the house: tomato, onion, red and green pepper, broccoli and mushrooms.  And then the mozzarella.

Cheese, like bacon, is a way of life.

I baked it and then viola! dinner is served.  A drizzle of ranch dressing and it was ready – I gobbled it up.

Veggie Delight

Now some of you might be thinking “Hey, I bet your loving hubs would like that.”  You’d be wrong.  I’ve never seen the man eat any kind of vegetable on his pizza.  And besides, this isn’t for sharing.  Nope – all mine.  I made this last week and I’ve been jonesing for it ever since.  I look forward to veggie pizza night… but I’ll wait until another business trip comes up.  Sharing is so overrated.


~ by shutterboo on May 27, 2010.

7 Responses to “While The Hubs Is Away…”

  1. Hubs has pathetically bad taste in… tastes.

  2. that looks fantastic. and i just ate. and i’m now hungry again. ps. i can say the exact same thing for my husband. except he will eat black olives on his pizza.

  3. So why was I led to believe that you are culinarily challenged? Or was that merely my imagination? Either way, I’ll take a slice of that pizza please.

    • No, it wasn’t your imagination. I’m challenged. But that’s why I make myself experiment. My dishes are usually bland and uninspiring because I have no effing idea what I’m doing. But this pizza was mm-mm-good.

  4. I for one am starting to suspect you are not as challenged as you think you are. Don’t tell anyone but the secret is that every recipe is an experiment…sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, sometimes you end up eating a bowl of cereal.

    • I made turkey loaf this week. It wasn’t so hot… I have managed to eat the leftovers though. The funny thing is I did eat frosted flakes for dinner last night.

  5. This looks soooo good. I really want pizza now…for breakfast.

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