What Women Want: Camera Purses

Of all the posts I’ve written, the one that gets the most hits [almost daily] is when I talked about my new Crumpler camera bag.  Apparently there are a lot of people in search of finding more trendy camera bags.  And they end up at le blog.  Yay!

I was so stoked when I got my Crumpler cross-body camera bag and it travels with me quite often.  I do wish that I got a bag a bit larger than the 4 Million Dollar Home because I have a hard time fitting in all my personal goodies.  Unlike men, us women tend to carry more personal items [that our husbands/boyfriends/children benefit from].  But I manage.  Mainly because I’ve told myself I do not need another camera bag in my arsenal.  Yet.

But since so many other people, most likely women, who are looking for bags that not only offer their camera protection but something a little different than a black box of foam, I thought I’d do a little homework.

Now I haven’t included images of the mentioned bags because I didn’t want to infringe on any copyright laws.  But please click on the links to see what they have to offer.  Some are just more trendy but still unisex.  Others look like purses [which it is so cool what they’re doing with these].  And if I’ve missed anything on the big ole interwebz, I’m sorry.  I’m not very good at Google.

Crumpler – I’m  a fan of my 4 Million Dollar Home.  It’s a tight fit for my Rebel XT body and two lens but it works.  Girlfriends who have looked into Crumplers since I got mine have opted for the Five Million Dollar Home and are quite satisfied.  But most of their bags are good for women or men.

Acme Made – Trendy indeed.  They’re bowler camera bag holds a dSLR snuggly but provides a cute look that not many people are going to have.  It’s super cute.

jill-e designs – Offering a number of different sizes of camera bags, jill-e incorporates functionality and style.  Though these bags are not overly feminine, they do resemble handbags and offer extra pockets.  Which is a plus in my book.  With several styles to choose from, jill-e has canvas, nylon and leather bags.

Shootsac – Shootsac has a very usable bag that offers something other manufacturers don’t: the option to personalize it.  Jessica Claire gives customers a choice of fabrics to make their shootsac their own.  With the lightweight fabric used to make her bags and the easy accessibility, this is a one-of-kind camera bag.

*emera – Super stylish and super classy – these bags look like anything but a camera bag.  This, my friends, is a camera purse.  The wide shoulder strap offers support but the inside looks like any other photog caddy filled with modular velcro dividers.

Mimi – This was a hard website to find!  I found several scrapbook reviews but the Mimi site was a challenge.  Their camera bag was designed specifically dSLR cameras with a scrapbooker’s appeal.  If you like animal prints, this may be the bag for you.

Jo Totes – Now these large totes were designed with women in mind.  With colorful outsides and fun patterns inside, these bags do not look like camera bags at all.  But they still offer the protection you want for your camera.  With a side of style.  The best part is a cross-body strap easily attaches to the tote for the days you don’t feel like carrying a shoulder bag.

Kelly Moore – Offering both stylish bags for men and women, Kelly Moore’s bags are beautiful.  Exciting styles and colors, padded interior for your camera and extra pockets.  I dig extra pockets.  I love both the strapped and hobo bag – very cute for women who don’t want to look like they have a camera in their possession.

Epiphanie – My personal new favorite.  Very girly but very handy.  Can be carried as a tote or across the body.  Currently, four styles are available but each fits a different personality.  My favorite part about this bag is the interior.  Yeah yeah, it’s padded for the kahuna, but the fabrics are light, making it easier to find your camera stuffs.  I like it.  A lot.  But I do not have one in my closet-o-camera-bags.  Yet.


~ by shutterboo on May 21, 2010.

26 Responses to “What Women Want: Camera Purses”

  1. All I have to say on the matter is: What about us – the males? All these choices are beautiful but unfortunately not male-friendly :o(

    Thanks for sharing all the links though – very grateful :o)

    • The Crumpler bags are unisex – I’ve seen both women and men carry them. And the Shootsac website has male models. Both are trendy and go both ways. haha – go both ways. 🙂

      • I know but even the ones I saw for men look a bit more for women, anyhow I think is just me I’m not a purse/bag carrying kind of person…lol

    • Kelly Moore has nice bags for guys! She just launched them recently.

  2. Great post, and all of the links are right on target: cute, stylish camera bags for women that don’t look like typical camera bags. Thanks for doing all of this research! I’m sure there are plenty of other posts like this out there for the fellas. 🙂

    I love, love, love the teal hobo bag on the Kelly Moore site. It’s going on my “someday when I have $200 to spend on anything I want” list.

  3. […] *UPDATE* I did some homework and found a list of websites that sell camera bags that look more like purses.  To check it out, click on What Women Want: Camera Purses. […]

  4. I’ve already asked The Mistah for Epiphanie’s Ginger bag for my b’day. However, after spending a considerable amount of $$$ today on a 50mm lense, he may be less inclined to enable my habit.

  5. Thank you for this post! I loved looking at all the different options out there…I’m a little behind on trends and such, so it’s always great to learn new things!
    And, because of your post, I purchased myself a new bag from Shootsac! I think it just fit my way of shooting more than most of the others, although, some of the cuter, more stylish ones would be great for boarding an airplane, I think. I may consider that for the future….
    Thanks again, for the informative post.

  6. Boo, I am in LOVE with the fiddy. That’s one beautiful piece of glass. Uploading a bunch of picture to Flickr that I shot with it today.

  7. you just made me want to go shopping… I do love those epiphane bags, but i liked the kelly moore ones too… decisions, decisions!

  8. You RAWK. I have found my belated Mother’s Day gift at Jo Totes.Sent the link to Moms and she digs it!

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