Week 39: Black

I love color challenges.  Whatever color it may be, my eyes are drawn to it all week long.  And I keep thinking of different angles and perspectives to shoot from.  Since we went to a wedding this weekend, I was hoping to get a nice shot of the groom’s black tie (fitting since for “white” I had a wedding dress) but I didn’t.  Caught up in my own insanity.  So when I got into the office on Monday, I raided the place.

With everything laid out in my workspace, I went to town.  I had shots of the file cabinet, staplers, an old rotary phone, books, bicycle tires… but my umbrella was the most fun.  I guess I was happy it rained this week?

Here is my black:

Week 39: Black

How often do you take one item and try photographing it as in my ways as possible?  I usually move a couple of different ways but find what I want and get on with the next thing on my to do list.  But not with the umbrella.  I opened it, closed it, did some macro shots, flipped it around to get another POV, tried everything I could think of.  This one was my favorite.

I was holding the umbrella and looking straight down at it.  By focusing on the black interior, the floor was washed out.  Making it black and white completely blew it out, making it a high-key shot.  My umbrella is slightly out of focus but I’m pleased with the finished photo.  It’s different – I like it.

Don’t forget to check out our flickr pool; I’m hoping a few more people will post this week because seeing what others got is my favorite part.  Next week’s challenge is “skyline”.  Just warning that you may see a few shots of the Louisville skyline; I think we need to take a field trip to Southern Indiana, y’all.


~ by shutterboo on May 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Week 39: Black”

  1. It almost looks like a flower, very interesting photo…I like it!

  2. really cool shot. i had to look at the photo for a second to figure out what it was. love it. ps. i’m about 4 weeks behind. can you light a fire under my two ton bottom please?

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