Repeat: I’m Not A Wedding Photographer

I told you yesterday about my first wedding experience and that I made out with a handful of shots.  Twenty-seven (that’d be 27) to be exact.  Not very many at all.  Granted, I didn’t shoot my kahuna the entire time but still.  Less than 30 photos are my contribution to the wedding photo pot.

I favor the black and white shots rather than the color versions – but I made both available to our friends.  Because in all honesty, it’s what they like not what I like.  But since this is my blog, I’m going to post the photos I thought turned out the best.  Most of which are black and white.  But we’ll start with the cake.


This photo has the perfect exposure.  The light is nice, no harsh shadows, the flowers are visible and there’s a pleasant background.  Now this was taken after the cake had a knife put in it’s back (I’ve never seen the cake cut first thing… I was thrown a bit).  So I avoided the knife sticking out the back of it.  But look at the bottom tier – someone put their finger in the green icing.  I could not believe my eyes when I got home and saw that.  Other than that, I’m pleased with the cake shot.

OK, let’s go back outside.  Where it was bright as all get out.  Every shot: blown out.  Which is why I like the B&W better; there was some definite salvaging going on with my photo editor.  I also let Granger take the lead.  I shot behind him, below him or on the other side of him so that he could focus on the shots he wanted to snag for Rich & Tammy.  He was the most qualified so he was left with his photo mojo.  So while I’m not as pleased with mine, I don’t think these are terrible for the fact that I was a buzzing around the place like a bee in heat.





With the veil, I was definitely on the other side of Granger.  His focus was the bride and her bouquet (which will likely be a beautiful shot) so I focused on the groom and the dress.  I may not love this photo but I love the lacy shadows.

These next two are my favorites.  I closed in on their hands and my focus was perfect; Tammy’s ring is all SHAZAM! The color copies look just as nice but I prefer the B&W.  I have no excuse.


Granger set up this shot and I inched my way in.  I could have stood to inch in a bit more.  The flower petals are soft and the rings are crisp.  Me likey.


I set up this shot.  I’ve seen my Mom and DAd many-a-time coordinate wedding shots.  And this is always a favorite.  In hindsight, I could have pulled out but I dig the focus.  And Tammy’s ring.  So pretty.

Inside… I was as flop.  Both eMohn and I struggled with our accessory flashes.  I seriously thought that I’d manage but I think my nerves got to the best of me.  Even with the flash, almost everything was blurry.  If it wasn’t, the composition sucked.  I have nothing hide – I know I take bad pictures – I just refrain from showing them to you.


So while this photo is out of focus, I still kind of like it.  Taken after the toast of the best man, the bride had to wipe away her tears.  And her groom was about to do the same.  We call that “capturing emotion”.  And that’s why I dig.

Not a total loss but still disappointing.  I was hoping to make it out of there with at least 50 good shots but that didn’t happen.  But I know I don’t want to be a wedding photographer.  Would I second shoot?  Probably.  With the right guidance, I think I could kick butt.  Alone?  Never.

That being said, I’m looking forward to my cousin’s wedding in two weeks.  I’m spending the day with her so I’m hoping my groove will set in early and I can rock it out at the ceremony and reception.  Being with family will make it much easier.  Being able to joke and laugh will make it much easier.  And everything will be set on auto – kahuna and Black Widow – come reception time.  I’m not taking any chances.


~ by shutterboo on May 18, 2010.

9 Responses to “Repeat: I’m Not A Wedding Photographer”

  1. Boo, I think they are all lovely shots. And I’m all about dessert before dinner but who cuts the wedding cake first?

  2. Honey, your photos are lovely. The wedding cake is perfect. Lighting, color, tones, everything. I love the flowers in the back. And the black and white photos are just gorgeous. You’ve captured the emotions of the event!! Well done!

    I’ve veered away from weddings simply because they are way too stressful shoots. But your cousin’s wedding sounds like the perfect venue to enjoy it!

    Well done, my dear!

  3. I second what Jun said. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, these shots are fantastic. And the cousin’s wedding will be perfect because you can get up in there and tell them what to do, where to go, and to grin and bear it. And then you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and will have the bestest time.
    Cannot wait to see those photos too!

  4. those were fantastic! see… too hard on yourself!

  5. Guys, thanks for being kind but in case you missed it I was present for the entire event and only had 27 pictures. I’m really just mad at myself for fumbling with my equipment. I mean, me and the kahuna play everyday and even he was giving me problems. On to better things…

  6. 27>0, right? And those outdoor shots are gorgeous, and making me wish I hadn’t eloped. So there.

  7. Those are great shots, boo! I love LOVE LOVE your hand/bouquet shot- and her ring is sooo beautiful! The cake is perfect – you could do some fancy photoshop cloning to fix that finger mark if it annoys you too much!

    Good job and don’t worry about the new flash- you’ll master it soon enough. You’re freakin’ awesome!

  8. Boo Boo

    Stop beating yourself up. You’re like your Dad your a perfectionist. You’re a people pleaser. You done your best now it’s time to move on. The more you do the better you become.

    I like them. I believe they got some good pictures.

    Doo Doo

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