Breathe In – Breathe Out

Wedding Cake

I so badly want to be that person that plays it cool.  Like David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused.  I’m not that way.  The only circumstance in which I could play anything cool would be if I were hit over the head with something heavy and left to  sit alone, quiet as a cucumber.  I kind of don’t want that to happen though because I dislike head injuries.

And because I haven’t bought my bedazzled helmet yet.

I only say this because I feel like I’m going to throw up right now.  I’m kind of nervous about this wedding thing tonight.  Granted, I’ll be with friends and once I get going I’ll be fine but right now, my coffee tastes like a big cup of worry.  I need someone to shake me like a screaming baby so I’ll snap out of this.

I was honestly excited and looking forward to today… until this morning.  I think because “today’s the day” and other news coming over the interweb waves have sent my stomach into a hizzy.  My self-confidence and any hope of “cool” I had were flushed down the toilet [as I overheard wonderful conversation about wood flooring from two stalls down].

Everything will be fine.  I like the kahuna and the kahuna likes me.  The Black Widow has a fancy bounce card of a bonnet to sit on it’s top.  And I can handle the pressure of this being a once-in-your-life event because I am good at this.  I just have to keep telling myself to keep my eye on the prize: wedding cake.  Oh, and Granger’s bag of Canon lenses.


~ by shutterboo on May 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “Breathe In – Breathe Out”

  1. I think you will do a great job – Just relax and have fun with it!

  2. Make sure to take an anti-diarrheatic.

  3. Doing anything takes confidence in yourself. You have to know the cameras limatations. If you taken one picture that looks good you can take 10 more that looks better. I really believe that your problem is having to perform in front of people. Pressure will take the wind out of your sails.


  4. Boo, I hope the nerves settled. Or you at least got an extra slice of cake for your hard work.

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