Ridiculous Big Deaf Dog

Sleepy Chevy

This dog.  I want to know what goes on in her little deaf head.  Because she is the most ridiculous dog I’ve ever had.  For reals.

Tipping the scales at 70 pounds, Chevy believes she is a lap dog.  Almost every evening when I settle on the couch for some TV or book time, she flops down on my left, draping her loooong legs over mine leaving me trapped.  Other days she’ll flop next to me on her side and once you start petting her, she wiggles like a worm and makes dinosaur growls of pleasure.  Or she’ll toss a bone on the floor and roll all over, like she’s trying to reach an itch.  And then she’ll kick like a donkey in the air.  She’s ridiculous.  But cute.

However, I don’t think it’s cute when she rolls in wet grass and shakes it off her back after she gets inside the house.  On me.  That’s ridiculous.  But not at all cute.

Boo BDD, boo.


~ by shutterboo on May 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Ridiculous Big Deaf Dog”

  1. Don’t you mean Beautiful Deaf Dog? That is one awesome picture you have of her on today’s post! I love the way you describe her…precious.

    • If you saw her in person you’d probably think anything but “beautiful”. She’s clumsy as all get out. But lazy. That’s how I get most of my photos. Well, that or bribing her with a ball.

  2. she really is gorgeous! i think it’s officially time for a doggie playdate. bring chevy and chase down to atlanta. justice and libby needs some friends to run and play with in their new big backyard. 🙂
    And whatever, it’s totally cute that she does that! That’s why she’s a doggie!

    • Uh… I don’t even like driving Chevy 3 miles to my in-laws because she screams like a banshee. Hours in a car? We’d need a helluva lot of Benedryl. Or rhinoceros tranquilizers.

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