Time To Air Out The Ferrari, Honey

I live in a nice neighborhood.  It’s an older neighborhood with tall, shady trees and modest homes.  Most yards are clipped and pruned to look quite lovely.  Everyone is pleasant.  I like it a lot.  Like I said, it’s nice.

It’s not, however, nice-nice.   By that I mean we don’t have cursive writing on our street signs or matching mailboxes.  We have a neighborhood association but it’s “optional”.  There’s only a couple lots with three-car garages.  You occasionally see a BMW or Mercedes but for the most part Toyotas and Hondas live in the driveways.  It’s a nice neighborhood but it isn’t Malibu, if you get my drift.

So imagine my shock when I saw a bright red Ferrari Testarossa in our neighborhood.

My drive by shooting - this is real life, my friends.

My initial thought was… actually, I don’t think I had an initial thought.  Because it was parked in his front yard.  Not in the driveway – in the yard, on the grass, like Bob Barker was going to walk out the front door and the Ultimate Showcase Showdown would begin.  Thoughts did not appear.  Neither did Bob Barker.

Why does this bother me?  The fact that if he bought that car new, it would cost more than his house doesn’t even boggle my mind that much.    Or the fact that he’s killing his grass, because I understand yard work isn’t for everyone.  But the thing is he doesn’t have a garage.  Yah.


Go on… you can close your mouth… I know, every time I think about it I lose a brain cell.

This bright red Ferrari – albeit, probably 15 years old – sits on the front lawn in show-car fashion in the sun.  He washes and waxes all the time.  But leaves it in the sun.  When winter started coming around, I was wondering what he was going to cook up – would we see a bright blue tarp covering a bright red Ferrari on dead grass?  Nope.  Instead it moved.  Most likely to wherever he was storing his twin jet-skis because those ended up in his driveway.  Because that makes sense.

How does someone drop the money on a super-fine, super-fast, super-mid-life-crisis bright red Ferrari Testarossa and not have a garage?  Google explains that this car would have probably set him back about $75,000.  That’s a lot of bones.  For a used car.  That was built in the early 1990s.  A garage… about $20,000 for a two-car.  My line of thinking on this is If he can afford a Testarossa, twin jet-skis and that Jaguar that is his “everyday car”, he can afford to build a garage.  He gets no stamp of approval from this gal.

So what brought on this little rant?  I saw the Ferrari yesterday.  In all its bright red gloriousness.  Still parked on the grass.  Like a show-car in the Serengeti because the grass is tall.

And so the cycle repeats.


~ by shutterboo on May 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “Time To Air Out The Ferrari, Honey”

  1. *shakes head* I just don’t get it. Besides the, um, questionable nature of ‘investing’ in a 15 year old Ferrari, it boggles my mind that folks can care so little about their yard, appearances, driveway decorum, and property values that they park in their front yards. The showcase showdown reference made me giggle.

    • I wonder what he would do if just popped up in his yard to take photos. Would he stop me? Or let me keep going? Offer me a ride? Mace me? Sadly, we will never find out.

  2. Geez, even your drive by shots look great. 🙂

    So, I’m unclear on one point. Did you look at that thing and know it was a “Ferrari Testarossa?” I mean, I would have got the red part, but that would have been it. I wouldn’t have known it was a “Testarossa” much less even a Ferrari. You must be into cars! I would have just called it a “sporty thing” or something like that.

    I guess everyone has their illogical dreams. Perhaps it was inherited? I would have also suspected a game show but I don’t think they give away used stuff.

    I really enjoyed this post. Your comments were right on the money and you hit all the right notes. Parking on the lawn? Hilarious! No garage? Stop. You’re hurting me. 🙂

    • We watch a lot of Top Gear… I knew it was a Ferrari. The kind of Ferrari was all Mike – I don’t pay that much attention.
      I doubt it was inherited. Seeing his Jaguar and jet-skis makes me think he likes fancy stuff. And makes me wonder what kind of loot he has inside his house and not just displayed on his lawn.
      But I do look at it and think of NWA and Dr. Dre. “Thank you for making a valuable donation… to my new Ferrari Testarossa fund.” Ah, the ’90s.

  3. “we don’t have cursive writing on our street signs” That is one of the definite signs of the way nice neighborhood (and funny as hell), but the picture seems to be in a pretty nice area. Does your neighborhood have a fancy misspelled word in its name like pointe or parc?

    On the main point, I’m with you. You don’t buy the Ferrarri if you can’t feed and house it properly. This is someone who has stumbled into Ferrarri money, but retains the TransAm heart.

    • Sure don’t. We have regular Drives and Lanes. It’s nice. Just not fancy. Some people have immaculate yards. Some people only mow when they have to. Like this guy.
      Love the TransAm reference – you captured the essence of my post!

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