Derbydom Is Done

I so look forward to the Kentucky Derby every year.  I think this year though, I might have gotten too excited as it rained 80% of the two-week festival.  And it rained on Derby Day.  So the usual crowd that gets together to party was thinned out by the thunderstorms.  But we made the best of it.

I didn’t get any awesome shots – but being with friends is what’s important.  To me at least.  It completely irks me that Lykins won the pot.  And I still stand by my original thought that Super Saver is a stupid name for a horse.

Derby Day

Mrs. Rev & DLo.

Derby Day

Caveman eating is so yummy.

Derby Day

My sweet girlfriends.

Derby Day

Shorty & Stretchy.

Derby Day

Looks like someone got his hands on Mel’s mammajamma camera.

Derby Day

Derby hats are fun – one part of Derby I haven’t dappled in.

Derby Day

TGault and his mohawk.  I think we need an intervention for his hair’s sake.

Derby Day

The hubs wandering off… probably talking to “Poppa”.

Lykins Winnings

Depressing.  Damn you, Lykins.


~ by shutterboo on May 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Derbydom Is Done”

  1. Such amazing photographs. I wish I knew your secret! 🙂

    And your comment about “Super Saver” make me think a lot. I’ve been doodling around with the idea of possible names if I had a race horse of my own. It has been fun. Maybe I’ll make a blog post out of it soon…

  2. You have the world’s most photographic friends. Granted, a talented photographer helps, but still…

  3. Also, I think I meant to say “photogenic” maybe? I think the sun is getting to me…

  4. You can’t make TGault get rid of his mohawk – it is WAY too awesome. I mean, seriously. What’s he use in that? Cement?

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