And… It’s Raining. Hard.

So you know on Christmas Day when you wake up and you run to the window to make sure there’s snow on the ground?  And if there isn’t any snow you feel kind of bummed and cheated on the whole Christmas experience that year?  That’s how I feel today.  Because Derby Day is Christmas in May and there is rain and thunder and lightning all happening at once.  Boo.

I’ve decided I’m going to try to make the best of it.  I mean, after all, history will be made today.

So we’re packing up and heading to party this afternoon.  I hope (really hope) that everyone at said party is at least over 22.  Because it keeps getting younger.  And well, I keep getting older and that isn’t fun for me.  Neither is being out-numbered by men 3-1.  All engineers.  Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I put myself through this.  Let there be beer.  Please, let there be beer.

Other than the race, I really look forward to eating the cake I made.  It is not only Derby-spirited and adorable but I know it will taste awesome.  Because it’s chocolate.  And I snuck a secret ingredient in and no, it’s not bourbon.  I think I might put a padlock on my tupperware to keep the hounds away until I cut that sucker.

So… favorite picks.  I watched this news this morning and the favorites have changed since the track will be wet.  Well, I don’t believe everything I hear, so these are my picks and why:

1. Discreetly Mine – I love his name and he’s a beautiful dark brown.  His odds blow but then again, so did Mine That Bird.  Go Baby Go!

2. Devil May Care – Girl Power!  This is the only filly in the race and I hope she can show these boys up.

3. Conveyance – Again, I like the name.  And he’s gray.  I love gray horses.  Bob Baffert’s his trainer and he’s known for training excellent horses.

4. Awesome Act – Yeah, yeah, the horse is awesome but I choose this guy because of the jockey.  Everyone talks about Calvin Borel all the time like he’s the new Pat Day or something but I’ve got my eye on Frenchie Julien Leparoux.  He’s a little taller than the other jockeys (5’5″) but he’s a skinny beast weighing in at 108 lbs.  And he’s won two (count ’em: one, two) Breeder’s Cups.  He knows how to ride a pony, my friends.  Vaya el bebé va!

Do I have any wagers on this race?  No.  We do “fun” betting at the party – put in money in the pot, draw a horse our of the pot.  Completely drawn at random but it makes the race more fun because everyone’s engaged.  And two people leave with a few extra bones in their pocket.  But I’ll still be cheering these guys on in my heart while I scream for whatever horse I draw.  Because momma needs more mula in her vacation fund.

The race is at 6:44pm 6:24pm so have your TVs tuned in.  If I’m not mistaken, NBC has national coverage.  And Happy Derby, friends.

UPDATE: I’d like to say, on the record, that Super Saver is a stupid name for a horse.  Seriously.  He sounds like a discount store.  Might as well named him Dollar General.  Then at least he would have been a general.


~ by shutterboo on May 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “And… It’s Raining. Hard.”

  1. I bet you’ll have a blast, no matter what the weather. Enjoy your cake (I can’t wait to see pictures!)!

  2. I was so out of it I didn’t even realize it was Derby Day until I was sitting in the bar and we silently watched it on the big TV. I hope the party was fun and the cake was awesome.

    Mega dittos on “Super Saver.” Ha!

  3. You put yourself through it beacuse of the awesomeness that is, the few women that will be there…like moi 🙂

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