Week 36: Change

I hate waiting until the last minute.  Not a fan of pressure.  So on Monday, I sat myself down and told myself that we were going to experiment.  I didn’t have a model to help (aka my awesome friends) and I didn’t have good light (thanks to the rain)… but if I waited another day to try find “change”, I’d be screwed.  Mostly because I had no flippin idea what to photograph.  Whodathunk?

But I have to say, I like the outcome.  But that’s me being bias.

Here is my change:

Week 36: Change

Yep, a self-portrait.  I told you I was going to try to do more of these.  Not too shabby.  I was “changing” out of my sweater.  Get it?  Change… changing…?  Nothing?  Kids in the back row?  OK, got it.

These were the best two shots [out of about 40].  I couldn’t decide between them, thus I used them both.  After a little cropping, a little editing and a little mounting of the layers, I had the finished product.  TA-DA!

My only beef with it is that I’m not fully in focus – I manually focused my lens so that using the self-timer would be easier.  Eh, you really can’t see it unless you make it really big and no one wants to see my mug that big.  Not even me.  Moving on…

Next week’s subject is “hands”.  Definitely going to need some models… or just one.  We’ll see what I can cook up in my gray matter.  In the meantime, go check out the flickr pool’s photos or click on the challenger roll to see how others interpreted “change”.  Until next time… 🙂


~ by shutterboo on April 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Week 36: Change”

  1. Boo, I adore your take on change.

  2. i feel like i’m looking at performance art! Ha ha I love it! so proud of you for doing these self-portraits.

  3. they do look like performance art pics! i wish i had patience to do portraits! i love portraits, but i have a hard time directing people what to do.

  4. I love your MUG

  5. You know Derby is on my mind. All I can think of is the measurement “hands” as in how many hands tall is a horse. maybe I’ll drag my crappy point and shoot to the Downs and take a picture of a horse chest for you. :O)

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