Chow Wagon, How I Love Thee

The Kentucky Derby Festival started with a bang.  Literally.  And now that the city is in the full swing of things and the Chow Wagon is open for business.  I love the Chow Wagon.  Seriously love it.

Chow Wagon

What is the Chow Wagon, you ask?  You’ve got live music, carnival food and keg beer all in one place.  Along with people from all walks of life and you always run into old friends.  Money has no value here because everything is purchased with tickets.  There’s hanging out, eating, dancing, drinking and laughing.  It makes me happy.  So I went with my pals Thursday night.  An excellent idea considering that it rained all weekend and it will most likely rain the rest of this week.

BTW, boo mother nature, boo – I saw you’re calling for rain on Saturday.  It isn’t supposed to rain on Christmas Day.  Don’t you know that?

We did what we came to do.  We had corn dogs and ribbon fries.  With a side of barley and hops and lemon ice.  We tried explaining to our new friend Brian what the big deal was but decided that he’s from Cincinnati, he’ll never get it.  Plus, he’s silly mud putty.  The music was great, the weather was excellent and we milled around for hours.  And then Abby started picking up random babies and kissing them.

Chow Wagon

OK, lies.  Not a random baby.  We knew the baby and his mom and dad.  But she didn’t hold back on the little guy.  I’m sure he was shell-shocked.

The fun thing about Thursday was there was a Balloon Glimmer.  I have no idea what the difference between a “glimmer” and “glow” is though and I’m completely confused on the name of the event.  I was only armed with my 50mm this night which means I didn’t get any good shots of the balloons.  But that didn’t keep me from looking for those flame throwers.  I need me one of these bad dogs.  BOOOOSH!

Chow Wagon

I could have stayed until the place closed down but I didn’t.  I love the atmosphere of the Chow Wagon.  I love being with my pals and running into old high school friends with their babies.  I love embarrassing my Little Skipper to bits.  “Is this far enough away? …  A little further? …  I can’t go any further, you’ll look like ants. … OK, this is all you get. ”

Smile for the birdie…

Chow Wagon

My home town kicks butt this time of year.  It’s not for everybody, I get that – hell, I don’t enjoy all of the events either.  But there’s just something in the air and it makes me smile.  And I cannot wait for this Saturday when we’ll be with good friends, clinking cups with cheer, gambling and screaming “GO BABY GO!” at the TV.  When money’s on the line, it’s worth the scream.  I just hope the rain holds off until after the race.


~ by shutterboo on April 26, 2010.

7 Responses to “Chow Wagon, How I Love Thee”

  1. it’s moments like this that i wished i lived in louisville.

  2. I really think that if the weather clears up this week, I need to go back for more fair food. I think I need something deep-fried that isn’t normally deep-fried. Like a Snickers Bar. Or butter.

    • You just made my stomach flip. I think the corndog and deep-fried cookie dough were enough for me. However, I think the Greek food is delightful. Gimme some lamb, baby.

  3. You make me want to go to Louisville! I have a list started of things to do and you keep making me add to it…

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