RIP Purple Ball

Chevy & The Ball

The purple ball is no more.  Part of it is in the trash can.  The other part is in the dark abyss of the BDD’s belly.  She massacred her best friend yesterday.  I think she’ll be upset once she realizes she can’t find it in the backyard.  Should of thought about that first, huh Chevy?

I’m kind of surprised Chevy tore up the purple ball.  I knew that it’s indestructableness was weakening – sun and snow and rain and sun does that to plastic.  But it held on for so long.  Like over a year.  Friends, dog toys do not last over a year in our house if the BDD has found them.  When she finds them, they die.

You know those “hard chew” bones that are supposed to last a year?  They last 3 months in my house.  And the hard plastic “for tough chewers” squeaker toys?  They last mere minutes.  The squeaker does not phase her [as she’s deaf] but the sweet taste of molded plastic on her lips?  Yummo.  Frisbees?  They don puncture holes on the first catch.  Tennis balls?  The felt is removed lickety-split and the ball is in two halves before you know it.  She’s a regular Houdini with zippers.

I’m telling you, she is as hard-mouthed as they come and annihilates every dog toy known to this Earth.  I believe these dog could chew through concrete if she wanted to.  But I’d rather we not find out.

Chevy and The Disc
Chevy – the BDD – with a mutilated frisbee.

I feel bad.  Because as much as this doggin loves to play, she tears things up too much to give her toys.  I’ve seen big cats playing with “special” toys on the internet.  And have thought about investing in one of those (investing… gah!).  But I’m terrified to pay upwards of $50 for a toy that she could possible destruct in nine minutes.  Sure, those tigers and lions are playing nice with the ball but they have nothing on my BDD.  Zilch.

The only toy that Chevs has access to is a huge rope toy.  That she pretty much ignores.  I’m betting it won’t be ignored as much but also think it won’t be as much fun.  Sorry, Chevster, you have to deal with the consequences.

RIP Purple Ball

2008 – 2010

You were good while you lasted.


~ by shutterboo on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “RIP Purple Ball”

  1. but look at that face!!!

  2. Awww, BDD! That face is killing me with the cute.

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