Week 34: Orange

I never realize how often or how little I see certain colors until the color challenges.  It really makes me see the world through a different set of eyes.  That’s the point though, no?

Everything I saw this past week that was orange was a sign, a barrel, a flashing light or a flower.  But the point of this challenge, for me anyways, was to stop photographing flowers – I do it all of the time and I thought the challenge would pull me away from that.  But the flowers were so pretty and hypnotic and blowing in the breeze…

Don’t worry.  I stayed away from the orange flowers.

Here is my orange:

Week 34: Orange

I figured I’d end up going this route but to be completely and utterly honest: I dig it.  I dig the angle, the blue sky, the buildings in the background, all of it.  The colors were bright and vibrant but I decided to play with layers and desaturate the image because the orange sign was so “WHOA!” and I’m not a big fan of orange and well, I changed it to my liking.  That’s how I roll.

You roll your way.  I roll my way.  Just make sure you roll on over to check out the flickr pool’s photos or click on the challenger roll.  (I know I’m a dweeb.  I don’t need verbal verification.  Thank you.  Come again.)

Now next week’s subject is “smile”.  I’m hoping to see a lot of faces but I think that we can find smiles in almost anything.  Remember, it’s all about how you interpret the subject – there are no boundaries of the imagination.  Just have fun with it.


~ by shutterboo on April 14, 2010.

One Response to “Week 34: Orange”

  1. i’ve become the biggest swpc challenger. luckily i’ve got something orange in my arsenal. fingers crossed i can pull a photo together from it.
    i like your orange. and really love the post processing. adds a nice depth to it.

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