Friendship is… Cake

I don’t know if you remember [but I have no idea how you could forget] about that chocolate explosion Mel made that I included on a post a week or so ago.  It was only a brief mention but her photo was worth 1,000 words.  No lie.  One thousand sweet words.

Friends, I’m here to tell you I’ve heard the angels sing because [and only because] I’ve eaten that cake.


My life is complete.

The hubs and I met up with Mel and Thurmeo for some sushi Friday night.   Along with everyone else and their brother.  Seriously, we saw six other people we knew there and Sakura Blue ain’t big.  Anyway, back to the lecture at hand: and we decided that my fabulous crave of fondue should be put to rest and have fondue night at their house the next evening.  Score!  Mel said something about the before mentioned chocolate bliss and I distinctly remember telling her “No, don’t worry about it.  Let’s focus on fondue.”  I’m so glad my friends ignore me.

I got a text later that night from Mel: Starting on your cake now. 🙂

Heaven help me.  If this isn’t temptation, I don’t know what is.

Um... Hello

Good Golly Miss Molly

I don’t know what’s in it.  I don’t know how it was made.  I don’t care.  But my thighs quiver in it’s sight.

Mel said it’s something like a trio chocolate cake: three different kinds of chocolate wrapped up and plopped on a cake plate.  Yes please!  She chopped off a hunk of this bad dog and sent it home with me.  I ate it for breakfast the next day.  Most people wouldn’t admit this but you know you  do this on occasion.  I’m just not afraid to admit my weakness to chocolatey goodness with strawberries on top.  It’s like walking in your bedroom to find a pile of cash on the bed; you HAVE to jump in it.  Eh, you get my drift.

Believe it or not, I took the rest to work.  There is no way on Earth I was going to be able to consume all that cake [without the hubs having to roll me out the front door].  The co-workers appreciated it.  I heard things like “oh my god” and “shut up” and “your friend made this?” and “wow” and “that’s some damn good cake” bouncing off our concrete floors.  As well as the clinks and scrapes of forks against plates.  Sounds of pleasure.

If you really want to know what this cake is [and see more awesome stuff that comes out of this gal’s kitchen] then you should head over to Splendid Sweets.  She took a slew of photos will me whispering sweet nothings to said chocolate cake… I have no idea what they look like… I’m poised on the edge of my seat in anticipation… so that I can scream “WHY DID YOU POST THAT?!?”…

But in all seriousness, this girl, my Mel, is a wonderful friend.  And owes me a walk in the park to work these calories off.  And maybe a pit stop at Graters.  Goodness… I’m hopeless.

** I do know the recipe is from Taste of Home magazine.  I have no clue as to what it’s called or what’s in it.  You must hound Melanie for that.**


~ by shutterboo on April 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Friendship is… Cake”

  1. I have hoped that you’d post more about that beauteous cake. Must now go clicky on that linky for more cakey goodness.

  2. There is no word for the awesomeness of that cake.
    I have a birthday coming up. I’ll send a request to my friend that bakes now 🙂

  3. that cake looks sinful. and awesome.

  4. Um, wow. Just wow. That cake looks fabulous.

  5. My bloodsugar just spiked just looking at it..Excellent shot..:-)

  6. it’s DELICIOUS cake!
    thanks for sharing

  7. oh that looks just delicious!

  8. […] the mens at Catch Phrase.  No blackberry pickens at Huber’s Orchard this summer.  The fairy dust is finally beginning to settle in that kitchen of hers.  […]

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