Silly Mud Putty

Abby hosted a little cookout this weekend.  I had been looking forward to it since she mentioned it.  I started getting really excited about it when I decided what I was going to bring: Melanie’s artichoke dip and fruit pizza (more on fruit pizza later).  Both were home runs, as was Abby’s 3-tiered chocolate cake adorned with strawberries.

Abby can cook.  Abby can bake.  She just usually doesn’t.  I was surprised to find out she owns a bundt pan.  Let alone 8″ cake pans.  Never ceases to amaze me.  I was not amazed, however, that she said “Hey, don’t use all my cheese for those burgers; I want to be able to make grilled cheese later this week.”

So I expected good food, good conversations and good basketball (boo WVU, boo).  What I didn’t expect was to snap the cutest photo since beginning of time, silly mud putty and a sore throat.

Let me back up a bit.

So Abby shares her shutterboo adventures with her friends.  I get a kick out of it, hearing that her badass friends actually dig le blog.  Because of Abby, my readership spikes on days I post photos of her.  Thank you, friend.  One of her pals, who’s new to Louisville, has checked it out and gave me the fist bump of approval for my photography.  He told me he’d be stoked if I could snag a good photo of his new puppy, Kilo.  I did [and Kilo is adorable] so I showed him.  And then it proceeded to go downhill from there:

“Awesome.  Hey, if Kilo makes it on silly mud putty, let me know.

I looked at him questioningly.  “Silly mud putty,” I said, shaking my head.

“Yeah, you know, silly mud putty.”  I’m still perplexed because I have no flipping idea what he’s referring to.  What the eff is silly mud putty?  I’ve heard of silly putty why the hell is he talking to me about silly mud putty?  Who is this guy?  And why does he like to fist bump so much?  And again, what the eff is silly mud putty?!?!

Finally he says, “With all the pictures?  On the internet?”

Oh my.  This is what I’ve become.  I am silly mud putty.  Wow.

I don’t know what bothers me most:

  1. The fact that my blog’s name is that forgettable.  I thought “shutterboo” was pretty darn easy to remember and fun and cute and Brooke-ish.  No.  It’s forgettable.  Tragic.
  2. The fact that Brian is more creative than me.  Silly mud putty – that’s pretty clever.  I dislike clever.  Therefore, I dislike silly mud putty.  Because I didn’t come up with it.  Boo Brian, boo.
  3. The fact that Brian is a police officer and has a dog named Kilo.  That’s saying something, folks.

“Oh… you mean shutterboo… my blog.  Gotcha.”

“Yeah… what did I call it?  [laughs]  Yeah, shutterboo.  So if Kilo makes it on there, what do you think you’ll title it?”

I think I’ll title it Silly Mud Putty.

Meet Kilo.  His teeth are razor-sharp, his paws are big soft pads of fur, he is clumsy as all get out and is so cute it makes me want to steal him.  And then I could say I stole a Kilo.  I love him.  And his floppy ears.  And those huge brown “please gimme a bite” eyes.


I went ahead and made an executive decision: Kilo is silly mud putty too.  Because silly mud putty is pretty much awesome.  *high-five* *fist bump*


~ by shutterboo on April 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Silly Mud Putty”

  1. I used to have a Kilo as well. She passed away at 13 years. I am not certain if I have any pictures of her any longer. My Kilo was fuzzy grey cockapoo. You would have fallen in love with her.

  2. Cool shot.
    like the soft expression in the dogs eyes

  3. Well, work has blocked your pictures.

    Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

    In accordance with Kimball’s Information Management Responsibility statement, the site you have requested has been blocked because it has been determined to be inappropriate for business use.

    Your request was denied because it belongs to the category: “Adult/Mature Content;Media Sharing;Open/Mixed Content”

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