Hook Up @ The Skate Park

I went on my first adventure to the skate park here in Louisville last week.  The weather was out-of-this-world fantastic and apparently the local kids thought so too.  Because they played hooky to enjoy it.  And to get in some grinds, aerials and freestyling.

Louisville Skate Park

OK, I have no idea what I’m talking about.  But I do know that these guys are wicked awesome and you will never get me to do that shit.  Ever.

I headed over to the park with Troy, who got some killer shots by the way.  He’d been before so I tried to see how he worked.  I couldn’t follow suit.  I was totally out of my element, somewhat uncomfortable and pissed that I couldn’t figure out where to sit to even begin to try to photograph these thrill seekers.  Being ignored made it better, made it easier, but I still struggled.  Enough chitchat though; this is what I got:

Louisville Skate Park

Louisville Skate Park

Louisville Skate Park

Louisville Skate Park

Louisville Skate Park

My favorite.  I like that the kids lined up on the rail, hanging out, watching what everyone’s doing.  Not a care in the world.  I envy them.

Louisville Skate Park

I made all my shots black and white for a reason: they looked like crap in color.

I’m not lying, the color was way way off and I have no idea what I did wrong.  I had my ISO as low as possible (100) and most of these were shot at f/16 (it was sunny and that’s the rule, Sunny 16).  The shutter speeds are anywhere from 1/125 to 1/250 depending on the light.  White balance was on auto.  So why was my color washed out?

I have no idea what I did wrong but skin was pale (almost matching the concrete), colors were not vibrant (boo colors, boo)… it bugs me.  The settings look right to me so if someone knows, please tell me.  Should I have increased my ISO to increase my shutter speed for a darker photo?  That sounds like a bad idea – everything I have stored in my brain says to keep ISO as low as possible in sunshine – but I think that’s the only thing that could have helped because I needed that longer depth of field with these moving bodies.

Anywho, I think I might look into some neutral density filters for these bright sunny days.  Because there are some days that I don’t want to stop down to f/22.  Like most days.


~ by shutterboo on March 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Hook Up @ The Skate Park”

  1. I’m just impressed you had the guts to go, and snap pics of them in action! You did great with the action shots and the black and white kinda gives it the urban look. So that’s good!
    I have no advice other than go back on a similar sunny day and experiment.

    • You know, the kids completely ignored us but having a friend there made me feel better. I’ve been stopped too many times on walks by people wanting cigarettes. I don’t smoke.
      I do want to go back! But I think I need to do a little reading on “sport shots” beforehand.

  2. I’m really diggin’ these, Boo. They’re all mod-like, timeless. Maybe they weren’t meant to be color shots, y’know? B&Ws rock any day of the week, anyway. I love the movement of the third shot. It almost looks like he’s sitting Indian style in air. And the last one is my fave. I like the anonimity of it. They could be anyone, any gender, any race, any age.

    • Thank you, A. The color copies really do suck. I just looked at them again to make sure and they reek of ickiness. But I appreciate the kind words!

  3. Love your photos, my 15 yr, old son Josh is really really into skateboarding, he would go nuts there!! great shots!!! glenda

  4. Love the images. I actually really like the stark contrast. Makes for great punch! These remind me of Glen E Friedman’s work.

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