Happy Birthday, Home Fry

Natalie is the last of mis tres amigas to celebrate her birthday.  She’s the baby of the group.  By a whole whopping month.  Been that way for as long as I want to remember.

What I can’t remember is exactly when we became friends.  We shared so many classes our freshman year that it had to happen somewhere between first and sixth period.  Between WSHS: Your Seneca Connection and Langnes’ Anthropology class.  Between school announcements and “you’s guys” being spat at us by our teacher.

Well, whenever it happened, that miraculous moment, it stuck.

I can’t put my finger on my favorite Natalie memory.  Too many to choose from.  Between the school days, the baseball games, the boyfriends, more baseball games, the misspelled words, country music serenading and embarrassing moments, there’s too many.  I like it that way.

So instead, I’ll give you my favorite photo of me and Natalie.  It makes me happy.

Me & Nat

Happy Birthday, Natalie.

Make sure Shadow gets you a waffle cone.

Or something as equally special.


~ by shutterboo on March 19, 2010.

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