Frisbee Fiend

My Frisbee Fiend

My doggins LOVE to play frisbee.  LOVE.  Chase, of course, dominates the sport in our household but ever since Chevy has figured out how to catch the frisbee, they can’t play together.  The ripped discs and bloody mouths upset me before but nothing is worse than two doggins colliding mid-air.  Chevy’s usually OK.  Chase stumbles in a daze.  As she should because that BDD is a Mack truck without headlights.  Needless to say, we play with one dog at a time now.

You would think this makes sense (the one dog at a time thing), but it’s not good.  I usually play with Chase first because she knows when she’s ready to stop.  But while we’re playing, the BDD stalks the windows, pushes the blinds out of the way, barks with her insane “I’m deaf and don’t know how bad my bark is” bark.  When it’s finally her turn, the BDD can be compared to the Energizer Bunny.  Because she keeps going and going and going.  And I can’t get her happy ass back inside.

But I’ve found a solid solution: toss the disc with Chase before we even let the BDD free from her crate.  That way, Chevy never knows.  This is really the only time having a deaf dog is helpful.

We’ve been doing this on nice evenings and with the daylight savings, Chase will get much more frisbee time.  We made a deal on Wednesday.  Chase gets to play frisbee, Brooke gets to take pictures.

This dog, my friends, is too flipping fast.  She is a FIEND for that frisbee and runs through the backyard like a cheetah chasing a gazelle.  You can probably figure out that most of my shots are blurred.  And not good blurs.  But I don’t mind.

I did catch the one up top on Wednesday.  Second from the last shot on the card.  I suppose Chase was beginning to get tired and slowed down enough for me snap the shutter.  But still fast enough to slip out of the frame.  Then she sat down and waited [without barking at me to throw the disc] and I now have a pretty picture of my doggin for 2010.

My Frisbee Fiend

This is my frisbee fiend, interweb.  And I love her to bits.


~ by shutterboo on March 19, 2010.

7 Responses to “Frisbee Fiend”

  1. cool shots.
    i like the angle of the first one

  2. these shots are perfect. she is so precious and she’s totally smiling in the 2nd picture.

  3. Aw, what a cutie. The dog, I mean, not the frisbee.

  4. Ha! Mr. Martini didn’t check the autofill, so that last comment was from him. But I totally agree! 🙂

  5. I totally understand the frisbee obsession!
    We have three doggies. Two of them are pretty old and just watch whatever it is we throw. And for the youngest (who is about 10 months) we wear her down with a Chuck-it thrower. It tosses the ball pretty far and it gives me time to throw a second ball for the older dogs.
    I do believe it’s trickier than wrangling my young ‘uns.

    Fun post!
    Happy Friday to ya~

  6. Thanks guys. Chase says thanks too.

  7. Adoroable photos- what a cutie! I want to scratch her ears and snuggle her snout!

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