Four-Legged Frenzy

This past weekend brought what was the best weather we’ve had all year.  It was warm but cool and sunny with a light breeze.  Spring is in the air.  And the dogs were chomping at the bit to be in the backyard.  The BDD went to the door at least every half hour she was in the house.  I could have just left her outside but unfortunately the backyard isn’t completely puppy-proof.

They’ve managed to break out before.  We don’t want repeats.

So Abs brought over her pooch, Bud, and we let the doggins stretch their legs in the wonderful weather.  Things didn’t go exactly as we had hoped.


Not that it matters.  I thought Bud and Chevy would hit it off because they’re about the same size and Chevy LOVES to play.  Well, she only wanted to play with the ball that day.  All attention on the ball.  Fetch the ball, find a person, drop the ball.  Repeat.  Seventy million times.

Chevy in Waiting

Chase proved to be more fun because she wasn’t afraid to start some shit.  But Bud didn’t really seem to want to keep up with my Border Collie mix, the little whippersnapper.  Bud had other plans.


Like marking his territory on the perimeter of the yard.  And starting hanky-panky with the BDD.  Which was to his advantage because she couldn’t hear him coming.  Literally.  I don’t call her deaf because she ignores me – she can’t hear jack squat.  So we saw a lot of ungraceful attempts to mount.  Like this one.

Sneak Attack 2

Bud’s eye is on the prize.  The BDD is distracted by the ball [and doesn’t hear him coming].

Sneak Attack 3

It’s a flop.  Seriously, Abby, Bud is not good at this.

The doggins did enjoy themselves and my two were passed out that night.  But poor Chevy, I wouldn’t be surprised if her lower back was aching from Bud trying to work his mutt mojo on her tail feather. The BDD needs to starting looking around more often.  And forget about the ball.


~ by shutterboo on March 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Four-Legged Frenzy”

  1. Wow, yeah. Bud’s game could totally use some work.

  2. i need a day like this. just running and romping around. talk about good times. and that second picture is my favorite. that’s the face of a happy dog. deaf or not, she’s happy.

    • We never question her satisfaction. The tail wags when you look at her, when you ask to come to you, when you pet her – she’s definitely happy.

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