One Word: AWESOME!

We had the incredible pleasure of accompanying our friends Josh and Mandy to the University of Louisville basketball game this weekend.  The last home game of the season.  The last Louisville basketball game ever to be played in Freedom Hall. And we were present.  As was half of the city because the place was packed out.

Present for the several missed three-point attempts.  Present for other missed opportunities.  Present for the most awesome, loudest second half of basketball I’ve ever seen in person.  The Cards ROCKED the second half.

And Kuric – he needs to make whatever he did this day a pre-game ritual for the next two years because he was off the hook.

Louisville v Syracuse

A sea of red.  Glorious.

Being the last basketball game at Freedom hall though, we were also present for the memories.  The 1980 and 1986 NCAA Tournament Champs made an on court appearance, spoke the crowd, shared their favorite moments.  Dejuan Wheat even came home for the game.  Dr. Dunkenstein was there, in person, in the same room as me [and 20,000 other people].  It was stupendous to see so many awesome athletes on the court.  Even if some of them played on that court in 30 years.  Awesome.

And good ole Denny Crum.  What an honest soul and wonderful living legend.  We love you Coach Crum.

Louisville v Syracuse

I had Paco (the point-and-shoot) with me and though he had a disappointing performance, we pulled out a few stops to keep the memory alive.  The memory of beating the #1 ranked team in the country, Syracuse.  The memory of a rip-roaring crowd keeping the decibel levels up.  Did I mention the win against Syracuse, the #1 ranked team in the country?

Game-time action.  The guys played so hard.  But it was almost like they were afraid of the paint.  You see that?  Weird.

Louisville v Syracuse

I cannot believe I missed this.  Kyle Kuric had an alley oop dunk and I was busy taking pictures.  But thanks to the internet, you can see that here.  And the guys in front of us were on their feet in 0.3 seconds after it happened.  You hear that crowd?  Awesome.

Louisville v Syracuse

It’s in the bag. Two seconds on the clock, up by ten, we just won the game.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Louisville v Syracuse

I asked the hubs how it felt to get such a big win at the last game in Freedom Hall.  This is the answer I got.

Louisville v Syracuse

And the beard is growing back.  YES!  The cop-stache won’t be hanging out for too much longer.

Jerry and Sosa were hoisted.  By people who don’t understand what “remain in your seat” means.  But it was an exciting game.  I couldn’t stay in my seat either.  But yeah, I was fine to stay by my seat.  Fine fine fine.

Louisville v Syracuse

We gave a big fat THANK YOU to our friends for taking us along for the ride because this game was by far one of the best games I’ve ever been to at Freedom Hall.  And I love that we ended the season on such a high note.  Go Cards!


~ by shutterboo on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “One Word: AWESOME!”

  1. I can’t believe you all didn’t call your father-in-law. He left early to come home and watch with me. It was soooooo good. He hasn’t watched the local news for 2 days now.

    You’re so lucky you both got to go!

    Go Cards!!!!!!!

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