Chase: The Camera Avoiding Doggin

My doggin Chase – the one that can hear and is super fly – doesn’t like her picture taken.  I think the sounds the camera makes bother her.  As does me pausing and saying her name.  She darts away.  She doesn’t come to me, but instead runs the opposite direction.  I should start hiding bacon in my pockets.

The only times [lately] I’ve been able to photograph Chase is when she’s dog tired.  She’s so worn out from trotting around the house and opening closed doors and picking fights with Chevy that she’s wiped out.  These are really the only times I get lucky.  And on Sunday, there was sunshine.  Bonus.

Chase.  My pretty little doggin that so smart and so athletic it hurts.

February Chase

It hurt when she figured out how to open the cabinet and go through the bathroom trash.

It hurt when she counter surfed and ate an entire starter bag of friendship bread.  Actually, that hurt her too.

February Chase

It really hurt the day I left my pork chop sandwich on the counter and SHE ate it for lunch instead of me.  I haven’t forgiven her for that one.  Nope.

February Chase

And then there was that time that the hubs didn’t throw out his crave case and Chase proceeded to rip every White Castle box to shreds and open the ketchup and mustard packs.  It hurt bending over to pick all of that stuff up.  After I took pictures of it.

February Chase

Although she can be a handful, she’s actually one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned.  She’s excellent at keeping me company and cuddling (thus the nickname Cuddle Bug).  She loves to tell secrets.  She sticks with me when I feel like exercising but if  I don’t, she’ll settle for the frisbee.

February Chase

She is wonderful.  Best doggin ever.  My heart dog.  My Chasey Bear.

I just wish she didn’t eat my pork chop sandwich.  I can’t let it go.  Sorry.


~ by shutterboo on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “Chase: The Camera Avoiding Doggin”

  1. Come on, it was a pork chop sandwich. You don’t just get over that!

    All the same, I’m thinking she’s got you considering it.

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