Week 27: Puzzle

OK, so I already stole a glance at the flickr group, and well, all I gotta say is great minds think alike.

With puzzle, I was limited.  I didn’t have an interpretation that work and to be honest, I was limited on time this week.  Lame excuse, I know, but I don’t lie.  You should see my house right now – on the verge of being classified as shambles.  But I forged ahead and with ideas I did have.

Here is my puzzle:

Week 27: Puzzle

Yes.  A crossword puzzle.  I actually carry this book in my purse with me.  Because many times when I’m meeting people, I have to wait.  Because many of my friends are slow piddle take their time getting from A to B.  And I get bored easily.  So I puzzle to make the time fly.

Next week’s challenge is “suitcase.”  I have zip for now.  But I hope to get something pretty groovy for next week.  Don’t forget to check out the flickr pool’s photos or click on the challenger roll to see everyone else’s photos.  And if you’re up for a scavenger hunt, join the Weekly Photo Challenge.


~ by shutterboo on February 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Week 27: Puzzle”

  1. I begged the misses to photograph the clasps of a brassiere. She refused…very quickly.

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