NashVegas : Tin Roof : CWB

I went to Nashville with my pals Abby and Kelly this weekend.  Well, really only Saturday.  One day.  To get in some shopping, dancing and good times.  We succeeded.

Our bar of choice?  Tin Roof.  Located directly across the street from our hotel.  No worries about cabbies.  And since the weather was awesome, no worries about coats either.  We hopped, we skipped and we trotted through the door.  And didn’t leave until something like 2am.  Because of these guys.

Tin Roof: Chris Weaver Band

This is the Chris Weaver Band.  I have to say, never heard of them before but they ROCKED.  Seriously.  They played rock-n-roll, country, alternative, oldies, Neil Diamond… Journey… they ROCKED.  So we didn’t leave.  Until the crowd got so overwhelming that I could no longer stand in the spot I’d been in for the past 3 hours.  Because the wild tramps were pushy.  Boo wild tramps, boo.

I know these are dark.  I know these are blurry.  I know these aren’t that great.

But these – in my opinion – take you to the moment.

Tin Roof: Chris Weaver Band

It was dark.  It was blurry [because we were dancing like crazy].

The only difference was that it was great.  And we belted along with them.

Tin Roof: Chris Weaver Band

Tin Roof: Chris Weaver Band

And then some wild tramp had to come and… hold on… oh, my bad…

Tin Roof: Abby

… I didn’t see you there, Abby.

Let’s hug it out.


~ by shutterboo on February 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “NashVegas : Tin Roof : CWB”

  1. hahahahah. god i love you.

  2. Boo, glad you had a rocking time in Nashville. We didn’t get out much beyond the Flying Saucer when we visited. Of course, we did drive out to the Loveless for biscuits.

  3. […] we did our nap.  We did our getting ready.  We did our going out (which was SO MUCH FUN). And we did our […]

  4. I really thank you for the great comments if you want send me your info and i will send you a cd and some other stuff!! again thank you

    c. weaver

    • My pleasure! We had a great time rocking out Sweet Caroline with the band. And we’ve talked about heading to Lexington for a show since they travel up this way. I’m just glad we were in the right spot at the right time.

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