Paco Love

Paco – my handy little point and shoot camera – has been getting some major love lately.  Paco usually sits on the back burner while the kahuna gets all the attention.  But not last week.

Some of it had to do with the weather – I didn’t feel like carrying an extra bag through the snow.  So I tossed Paco in my bag just in case the urge hit.  Which it did.  We practiced some macro shots.  We practiced some night-time shots.  Which, I believe, turned out to be pretty cool.

Night Lights

Mmm, bokeh.

Paco even got to party.  In NashVegas.  With the girls.  But I still have to sort through the dozens of blurred photos.  I have a feeling a couple are going to be blog worthy.  But that tiny camera did more than just take photos.

Thank you, Paco, for having an excessively bright flash to annoy the wild tramps that stepped on my feet and spilled their drinks on me and my Little Skipper.  That – coupled with the awesome band and incredibly awesome company – made my night.


~ by shutterboo on February 22, 2010.

One Response to “Paco Love”

  1. nashvegas, huh? sounds like some rabble-rausing was going on. love the photo. like love it. a lot.

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