Marked It Off My List

I finally read one of the darn books listed on my Literary Quest page.  Finally

#29 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

And all I have to say is Alice is an annoying, snot-nosed little twit of a child.  If I met her, I’d scream “off with her head” myself.  I could have totally interpreted the story incorrectly but Alice really needs to learn when not to speak.  DAd always said “children should be seen and not heard.”

But I’ll still be seeing the movie.  Fingers crossed Tim Burton makes Alice more interesting.


~ by shutterboo on February 16, 2010.

4 Responses to “Marked It Off My List”

  1. LOL- omg- isn’t she tho?? I just finished it too- prepping for the movie and it’s only 3 wks away… so can’t wait for that eye candy.

    The next book on the list that i’m reading (i am using the to pick a book number) is Good Omens – which is some kind of fantasy. Ugh. There is too much Fantasy in that list!!!

  2. I originally read this story as a child. I thought alice a rather normal being.

    Having children of my own has since cured that fallacy!

    This kid is an ITCH! LOL

    Can’t wait to see the show!

  3. If you want to focus on Alice then you’ve got to dig deeper. Alice is experiencing physical changes (a nod to puberty), intellectual confusion (puzzles with seemingly no solution), and finds herself in a world where everything she knows to be constant is in fact NOT constant. You’d be an annoyingly frustrated little twit too. Which may be what Carroll was trying to say: pre-teens are little twits by nature because everything around them (includnig their physical selves) is changing faster than they can keep up.

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