She’s A Big Sweetie

That’s what Rev says.  To the BDD.  Because she is.  Just look at that face.  Sweet face.  Big sweetie face.

Chevy's Snow Days

And then she scooby-doos off the floor and into the room because you’re carrying a laundry basket. 

Because that means only one thing: the basement is open for doggin business.



~ by shutterboo on February 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “She’s A Big Sweetie”

  1. Doggin business is serious business, don’t ya know?

  2. she’s so sweet!! i want to curl up on the floor with her. and ps. loving the new banner.

    • The BDD thinks she’s only 10 pounds so she does cuddle up. Multiply those pounds by 7 and the fact that she has no finesse and you discover you have a heavy retarded dog in your lap. Plus, she hogs the bed. But other than the hogging and the flopping and the head shaking and jerking, she’s an excellent cuddler.

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