Snow Happens

It snowed Friday night.  And it wasn’t as bad as everyone had talked about.  At least not in our neck of the woods – Oklahoma was slammed.  Sorry Oklahoma.  I know the feeling.  Experienced that last January.  But here – just a few inches of the fluffy white stuff.

I don’t mind snow.  I do mind getting out in it.  In the car.  Because people do not know how to drive in it.  The most valuable things I learned while living in Indy dealt with driving.  Driving in the snow topping that list.  Granted, they are far better at cleaning the streets up in Indy but with being 100 miles north, they get more snow.  It makes sense.  Anywho, I avoided the car and just hit the backyard with the doggins.

And how the doggins love snow.  Chase frolics and hops and prances through it.  Chevy dive bombs and rolls and chomps on it.  But they both have their fun.  Chevy just couldn’t enjoy it though – she had to play ball.  Absolutely necessary or she’s just die from boredom if there was no ball.  We played ball.

If you have a large dog, you know how they love to exercise.  To run and jump and chase and do things dogs do.  That’s fantastic but I don’t do those things.  We taught our dogs early on how to fetch.  And release the ball.  Tossing the frisbee was for fun but both dogs took to that quickly too.  So I stand there, throw something and they bring it back.  Brilliant.  This is why I’m getting fatter.

So fetch after fetch, Chevy kept on.  And I photographed her.  I had the camera set on continuous so that I wouldn’t miss a second but it was a fail.  My depth of field wasn’t stopped up enough so when I started snapping with Chevy in the distance, the closer she got, the blurrier she got.  Which stinks because some of those had some really funny faces.  But after awhile, we figured it out.

Chevy's Snow Days

Chevy’s all like “Food Lady, throw it again.”  Chase is back on the left pestering the neighbor’s dogs.  She does not bark much.  They bark constantly.  It’s annoying.  But she keeps going back.  And they follow each other back and forth, running, in the six feet of fence that’s there.  I don’t get it.

I have no snow pictures of Chase – the dog kept moving.  And I could not keep up.  Dummy BDD did everything I wanted because I could hold the ball hostage.  Sneaky Food Lady.  That’s me.


~ by shutterboo on February 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Snow Happens”

  1. that’s what it’s all about. puppies having fun. i love it.

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