I Don’t Question It.

I just go with the flow.

I don’t know what it is about mis tres amigas, but they make me happy.  We could be buried up to our necks in the Mohave Desert and we’d still find something to laugh about.  It would probably be Little Skipper’s hair.  But I digress, they make it worth while.  They make it a good.  They make me want more.


The four of us are all so different.  But still the same.  It’s weird.  And I can’t explain it.

But I don’t question it.  I just go with the flow.


I consider myself very blessed to have the friends that I have.  All of them.  The ones I played with as a child.  The ones I befriended in school.  The ones I drank beer with in college.  The ones I’ve met as an adult.  These strangers on the interweb.  All wonderful people.  And they all have something in common: they put up with yours truly.  Like I said, I’m blessed.

And since I realize this, how wonderful these people are for listening to my lame jokes, smiling when I point the kahuna in their face, being there when I just need to get away/talk/cry/eat something incredibly bad for me,  I do try to tell them how much they mean to me.

Each one of them as left an impression on my heart.  The hubs leaving the biggest.

So today, I encourage you to tell a friend what they mean to you.  You may not realize how much kind words can make a difference to them.  And to you.  Don’t question it – just go with the flow.


~ by shutterboo on January 28, 2010.

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