I Love Surprises

I’m a giver.  I love giving or sharing something with someone and them get a kick out of it.  So of course, I love surprises.  The idea of shocking someone.  Blowing off their socks.  Or in this case, blowing out some candles.

You know when you want to surprise someone but are worried it won’t work out?  That was me – I am not a ninja.

I was constantly concerned about being caught red-handed or forgetting to leave a name off an e-mail.

Surprising Kelly

Or that someone would accidently spill the beans.  Or I’d accidently spill the cake on the sidewalk.

Surprising Kelly

But then it worked – the three of us pulled it off.  And that someone was surprised.

She didn’t think her friends were smart enough to leave her off an e-mail.  And are a little too talkative.  And clumsy.  But we are smart enough.  We are birthday surprise ninjas.  And even though we were about 10 days early, it’s never to early for celebrations.  And cake.

Surprising Kelly

Hope you loved your birthday surprise as much as I did, Little Skipper.


~ by shutterboo on January 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “I Love Surprises”

  1. Beautiful pictures and great job, Master Ninja! Hey, I sure could use your help.

    Please help me pick the 1st Top Chef It Yourself Challenge winner – vote here http://wp.me/pFzw3-eI.

    Laters, Boo!

  2. Great pics! Very cool reflections of the flame (how did you do that?). Congrats on being the birthday ninja. 😉

    • Thank you. That’s glare from the candlelight. The room was pretty dark and lens picked up the glare. I’ve had it happen before in dark restaurants with twinkle lights.

  3. That is a very happy Happy Birthday face!! Love it. The candle effect is way cool!!

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