Seriously, could this slim jim get any prettier?  I don’t think so.


I love impromptu mini-photoshoots at work.  It makes my media world so much more fun.

Thank you, AmyHasBangs, for letting me stick my 50mm IN YO FACE.

Too early for ICP?  Never.


~ by shutterboo on January 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “AmyHasFlower”

  1. Lovely eyes. Must be nice to have fun while at work. lol!! I really like the flower in her hair. It’s definitely a good touch touch to the photo.

  2. Ya, know, it must be nice to have such hip and happenin’ people to work with. All I have is mailboxes. Over 400 of them to be exact. Don’t get me wrong. Some are all gussied up and most country folks keep ’em pretty nice. But, it just can’t compete with your co-workers.
    🙂 Great portrait of AmyHAsBangs!

  3. She’s soo adorable! You did good!

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