Week 21: Toilet

OK.  So I know it isn’t the best subject but it’s something you see [and utilize] a few times during the day and it wouldn’t be a challenge if there weren’t weird things listed.  And it was challenging.  For me at least.

I knew I wanted to use the restroom at work.  The light is pretty decent in there and the tiles make it interesting and I really liked the idea of using the stall.  The kickers were I had to get in there a) early so that the facilities would be at their cleanest, b) with my camera without anyone giving me the stink eye and c)  when no one else was there [because that’s rude].  Which is hard to do.  Because the women in this building use the restroom as a social hangout.  Needless to say, I flush the toilet a few more times when they do this.  A friendly reminder, that’s all.

Here is my toilet:

Week 21: Toilet

Me and an anonymous model stormed the restroom and had a 4 minute photo shoot.  I think the boots make the shot.  It pays to have co-workers with fashion sense.  I can use it to my advantage.  Because this girl right here (me, shutterboo, not boots) is not fashionable.  Unless you consider striped socks fashionable.

If you haven’t been to our flickr pool to see “toilet” photos yet, go check it out.  There are some really interesting photos this week.  It’s cool to see how many different ways you guys are spicing up toilets.  Next week’s challenge is “eyes”.  And, as always, Happy Wednesday!


~ by shutterboo on January 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Week 21: Toilet”

  1. That was the best scroll-down ever! I had no idea what you’d done. What a really cool surprise! So clever boo….so clever!

  2. Excellent! you actually made a toilet look Edgy & Hip!!

  3. I am so glad that you used a toilet that wasn’t a home edition. What a great pose – it’s perfect 🙂

  4. Thanks guys. Actually, my idea didn’t work as well as I liked, so my friend hopped up on the seat and I took some shots. After some cropping, I decided I liked it. But it needed something else. The blue hue sealed the deal for me. It’s different!

  5. Cool boots. Sweet shot.
    Bring on the eyes! 🙂

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