There’s No Place Like Some Place Warm

No matter how many times I clicked my heels in the car this morning, the frigid air did not disappear like Oz did for Dorothy.  Dammit.  More proof that real life is not like the movies.

Yesterday, Louisville got to see pretty big flakes of snow fall all day long.  The drive into work was not fun but I made it unharmed.  The drive home was much better – with schools letting out early, traffic was lighter.  I did not expect to have to hop through 4 inches of snow in my drive way when I got home though.  Boo snow, boo.

The snow shovel is not in the garage – I looked high and low because my genius plan was to shovel my way from the garage to the back door.  I have a feeling it’s in the shed that’s behind the garage.  And it’s staying there because I’m not shuffling that far to get it.  And the dogs don’t have thumbs.  And it’s supposed to be above freezing next week so the snow will eventually melt.  I need rubber boots.

As of now, The Weather Channel says it feels like one degree in Louisville.  Seriously?  When was the last time it’s been this cold?  Did it even get this cold when we had the ice storm last January?  One degree.  I can describe it best in three words: it effing sucks.

I’m going to keep clicking my heels.  And maybe – just maybe – I’ll end up here.

Indian Wells, CA

Or here.

Indian Wells, CA

The California desert is calling my name.  Take me away Indian Wells.  Lay me next to the pool so that I can defrost my toes.

Indian Wells, CA

BTW, that photo above makes me want to throw myself in the car and drive.  I hear Florida’s getting some flurries so I’ll just go west.  I’ll make my way to Palm Springs, hang a left and bury myself in the desert for a day or two.  I  just need some place warmer.

Indian Wells, CA

This is a beautiful resort, no?  I can’t remember the name of it but I stayed here for a week or so in 2008 for a convention.  It does get hot in June but I’ll take those sweat beads over goose bumps any day.  Because even though I’m inside right now, my feet are still popsicles and I’ll be donning a fleece  blanket in about 10 minutes.  I need an electric blanket.  Stat.

Thanks to WordPress for a spot on the home page this week!  It’s greatly appreciated!


~ by shutterboo on January 8, 2010.

62 Responses to “There’s No Place Like Some Place Warm”

  1. After shoveling snow twice this morning, I can relate. Thanks for posting these warm pictures–it is good therapy for me.

  2. what a wonderful and beautiful view. where is it? i wish i can go there someday.

  3. PS: Are you a photographer? Because the objects of the photos are shot in a good view of angle (though I’m only an amateur)

  4. i love this article. i left the wintery idaho weather and moved to san diego almost 10 years ago. nothing’s better than having sunshine and the beach everyday!
    ps. great photographs!!!

    • I spent 3 March days in San Diego on business… and I was ready to move there. The weather was so nice that I slept with the windows open. In March.
      Then again, I’m not one for earthquakes and I love my Old Kentucky Home. I’m sticking here for awhile. And planning vacations. 🙂

  5. I am in Atlanta and I am so cold. I do have comfort in the fact that Alabama won the BCS National Championship. That warms me up a bit.

  6. First one – I like this photo!

  7. I feel for you, snow looks lovely but it’s terrible when you have to go to work. I live in Mexico by the Caribbean Sea so I don’t have that problem :))

  8. I live in Florida and it’s still too cold for me down here. Because of a medical problem i’m supposed to try and stay warm at all times. I can’t wait for the warm weather to come back:-(

  9. I am so with you. I’m in New England and despite the fact that the weather sucks, every year I’m still surprised by how much I hate the cold. Love the pictures – at least I can dream that I am someplace warm 🙂

  10. i’m a little slow to this…but congrats killer! home page status once again!

  11. the joy of cold, is finding warmth

  12. My inlaws reside in Indian Wells, and we just spent a week with them last month. It was nice to wear short sleeved shirts in December. 😉

    Great pictures!

  13. I’m in PA, and every week since before Xmas we’ve gotten a significant amount of snow. First it was 2 feet, and every time since then it’s been a couple of inches. Just got more this morning. I’m so sick of the snow and cold! In 6 years, we’ll be moving to Florida … I can’t wait! 🙂

  14. Congrats on the hompage boo! I am totally with you, I don’t believe I can get out from under my blanket or off the couch even!

  15. Aaaaaahhhh.
    Time for some Jimmy Buffet.

  16. as a testament to the grass being greener on the other side, its frigging hot and humid in my neck of the woods (sunny, tropical Malaysia) and i am pining for some snow.

  17. I completely agree with you. I live in Tennessee (right by the KY state border) and it’s been horribly cold here too. At least it’s not Minnesota though. They’ve been having days as cold as -52!! That’s just ridiculous.

    Beautiful pictures and a sentiment we can all agree with!

  18. Aye carumba! My heart goes out to you and everyone back east, as you struggle to stay warm. Not much warmer here, but we’ll do our best to send some heat your way. Good luck and stay safe!

  19. 🙂 I hate to rub it in by California has been in the upper 70’s low 80’s. So beautiful I got tan lines… 🙂 I’m in Southern CA. I was wishing to be in a place of winter wonderland for Christmas but after the Holidays passed I’m okay with this nice weather before it gets too hot. 🙂

  20. weow, great place. great pictures too… 🙂

  21. i agree! my toes are frozen! and i’ve been saying all day, 1 is a time, not a temperature!!!!

  22. trying to click my heels and be there too. Nope didnt work. Still in cold Tokyo for now.

  23. It’s unbelievably hot here- I’m in Sydney wishing I had air con. Lol

  24. It’s so cold here. When I saw your photo, my nose quit running, my toes warmed up and I found hope. It’ll be spring soon. I’m gonna go clean my golf clubs.

    Dr. B

  25. nice pic, thanks for sharing

  26. Hello, my name is Chris.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I opened my new blog recently and that I would love everyone to visit!

  27. California is waaaaay over-rated – especially SoCal! Seriously. Was born and raised there, started my career there, but recently relocated to Oregon and don’t plan to move back to CA. There are warm, sunny places other than Ca – and Indian Wells. Ick.

    How about south of the border. Now, we’re talkin. Much better food, too!

    • Right now, are there? Everywhere midwest and east has white stuff falling from the sky. Was the weatherman wrong when he said the only non-snow refuge in the states was southwest?

  28. I’d move in a minute!!! Congrats on making the homepage! My post was on the homepage this week, too. What unexpected fun!! xo

  29. wow, I couldn’t agree more =P Cheers for warmer and better places =P I live in MI, and it’s about 7 degrees today. Finally it’s sunny tho =|

  30. SF is 50-72F all year. Which has its fashion merits, on average. Great and transporting pix!

  31. these pictures look amazing… I really want to leave and go somewhere warm :/

  32. I know the name of the place above (that you cannot remember.) Dela Boca Vista

  33. Stop all this talking about warm places, while we continue to chill in snowy frosty England.

  34. Tabea… I Am From Manado City – Indonesia. Nice Blog. Thanks,-

  35. The resort looks awesome- you took resort brochure style photos!!!

    I’m in CA – but Northern CA, and that’s a whole different animal than So Cal. I love where i live, BUT (I’m going to whine here now): We don’t get any snow – at all- we just get rain/fog/cold. I wish for one month we had snow!! Just one little bit of snow in December- that’s all.

    Oh, this year we bought a mattress pad heater- vs electric blanket and THAT IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

  36. Nice pics! Id love to be a photagrapher! 🙂

  37. its just fantastic for me to read something like this. i live in ontario, canada. and not just is it “canada,” but where i live, torontonians and other canadians think its really cold.
    i love love love that you referenced one degree. to be honest, i haven’t really paid attention to the temperature lately. but let me quote you on what tomorrow is supposed to bring: -15. not as bas as i thought it might be. long range projection for the week is calling for -28 by friday! i can honestly say even as a seasoned canadian.. i am truly not looking forward to that one!
    you are quite right. there’s no place like some place warm. that’s why many many many canadians vacation in the winter. my departure date is feb 13th and it’s what will allow me to survivc the winter without some sort of serious depression/ related weight gain. haha
    bummer about the lower than usual seasonal temps. i can relate to the pains of that. i started the winter season wondering what the hell happened to the scraper in my car!? where would it have gone from spring to winter? because i don’t lock my car, i am suspicious someone “borrowed” the goods. a commodity when the seasons change rapidly.
    good luck with your cold spell. hope it doesn’t come my way. though i am not very hopeful for friday..

  38. very nice pictures, thanks for sharing

  39. You should really try Puerto Rico right now! Everyplace else you mentioned; are indeed suffering from global warming icicles!!! This whole weather thing happened in 1920-1922’s. It will pass. Sorry about your luck. Puerto Rico is the only place I got reliable word that the weather is just FINE!

  40. 🙂

  41. why must you make me wish I was in these places??…very interesting pics by the way. 🙂

  42. thanks, paylaşım için teşekkürler..

  43. WOOT! I know someone WP famous!

  44. “No matter how many times I clicked my heels in the car this morning, the frigid air did not disappear like Oz did for Dorothy”…Sigh, if only…. North Coast Muse @

  45. The grass is always greener, isn’t it? I currently live in Palm Springs. It has been sunny and 70 almost everyday this winter, not a cloud in the sky, and what I wouldn’t give for some WEATHER! 😉

  46. Would you visit Bali ?
    warm, friendly and peace. Julia Roberts proved it. Eat, Pray, Love

  47. I want to be there…now!

  48. You can always come to Singapore. Our Integrated Resort (with Casino) is opening soon. The recent climate is about 30 degree C. Taxi is in abundance. You do not have to drive. See you soon.

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