Photog Walkabouts

Walk About: Robby

Creative Robby doing his photog magic on a walkabout.

This week I’ve gotten the urge to go on a photog walkabout.  I think it’s because on my 11-day holiday break, I didn’t do much with the kahuna or much with leaving the house and now I’m itching to be outside.  But with the weather being as shiver-me-timbers and snow-globe-like that it is, I will not be doing a walkabout this week.

Maybe next week, when it’s above freezing.

Walkabouts are something I want to do more of.  Working in downtown Louisville, I often skip lunch and walk the streets with the kahuna.  But once you see the same thing 10 times, you get bored with it.  I want to cast the walkabout net further out.  But I don’t want to do it alone.  Because I’m a wimp and feel safer in numbers.

Here’s what I’m thinking:  sometime when the weather starts to warm up [because we don’t like purple fingernails], hit various parts of the city with camera in hand.  The Highlands, Old Louisville, Cherokee Park, UofL Campus, Cavehill Cemetary… you get the drift.  Walkabouts aren’t only about the scenes you’re visiting and the pixels you’re capturing but also about the people you’re with.

These people, others that don cameras and don’t mind getting weird looks from passerbyers, are people you can learn from.  I’ve learned a lot going on walkabouts with creative co-workers.  I pay attention to how they set up shots, how they constantly change the settings on their camera, how they jump fences to get photograph some kickass graffiti.  Just seeing how another person works with their camera can push you to experiment as well.

Experiment.  That’s what you really do on walkabouts. Because all you’re photographing is random crap.  Buildings, trees, skies, trash that litter bugs leave on the side of the road… random crap.  But it’s a chance to try new things with the camera, different angles, different settings.  You learn about your camera faster.  And I feel that I feed off other’s creativeness.

So keep an open ear, Louisville locals, because when it’s warmer I will be venturing out and about with the kahuna.  And I’m dragging Mrs. Rev and Mel with me.  And maybe a few other pals that are willing to put up with me for a couple hours.  But if there are any others that are willing, why not join us.  This could be fun.


~ by shutterboo on January 7, 2010.

8 Responses to “Photog Walkabouts”

  1. if you need a tour guide for downtown, old louisivlle or, dare i say it, portland – trust me there are some cool places for pics down there – let me know. i’d totally be in for a walkabout!

    • Portland? I don’t know.
      What I do know that wherever we go has to be public property. Cavehill will let people tour and take photos. But as long as it’s public, there should be no problemos.

  2. ME!…ME!…ME! I wanna go on a walkabout!
    Oh, wait. I live a little ways from you. 🙂

  3. I have spent many a Saturday and Sunday afternoon walking around neighborhoods in the Jacksonville, FL area. It’s amazing the cool stuff you can find. I hope you do find a nice group to walk with you and I hope the weather warms up – I’m freezing my tail off here in FL.

  4. Can i come? I’m only about 37 hours away by car….


  5. I cant wait to learn from my boo! 🙂

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