It’s A Wee Bit Chilly

Actually, it’s FREEZING!

Today is the first day since NYE that I’ve ventured further than 10 steps from my house.  It’s warm and cozy, why the heck would I leave?  No need to walk out into the cold – unless fetching the BDD (Big Deaf Dog).  Winter is not fun for me.  At all.

I just don’t get how it got so cold so fast.  I understand that it’s January and I live in state that experiences all four seasons but this snuck up on me.  Boo cold weather, boo.

The BDD loves it.  And she’s so sick of being cooped up in the house with me and the hubs.  Every time we let her out, she wants to play.  She crouches down in the dead grass waiting to pounce.  And I feel bad for her so I tried to play.  But failed.

Frozen Toys

This toy, this big ass tug-of-war rope toy, is frozen to the table outside.  I could not pull it off.  Then again, I didn’t try too hard because I wanted to run back to the warm house.


Frozen Toys


Frozen Toys

The BDD had to settle for the red pointer light inside.  Which she has discovered is created by the flashlight.  Which she knows sits on the side table.  And that is why she sits next to the hubs with her chin resting on the arm of the couch begging for him to pick up.  It’s such a sad picture.  But funny.

I’ll try really hard to snap a photo of her chasing the red dot like a puma through our family room.  But don’t be disappointed if it’s only a blur.  She’s fast.  And it’s dark.  And she’s fast.


~ by shutterboo on January 4, 2010.

One Response to “It’s A Wee Bit Chilly”

  1. The color of that tug toy is just outstanding – I guess though being stuck to the table outside it truly is out standing! It’s freezing here in Florida, too, and I’m not happy about it.

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