Elvis Has Left The Kitchen

Thank you.  Thank you very much.

I am done with the kitchen.  Finito.  Fertig.  Fini.  Terminado.  And I’m pleased with the end result.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s taking some getting used to.  I tend to stick with beiges but I wanted to break out of the boring-color-cycle.  It’s bright but soft.  And a heckuva lot better than ivy-laced wallpaper. 

Internet, do not hang wallpaper if you ain’t stayin’ for a long long time.  I can guarantee there are only 25 other people in the country who like the same wallpaper as you.  Don’t do it.  The next owner will thank you.

Here is the before:

My Kitchen

And here is the after:

My Kitchen: Finished!

Ta-da!  Completely different, no?  The best part is you don’t have to play Where’s Waldo with my decorative plates.  They are plain as day now.  Fabulous.

I’d like to thank Mom for helping me take down part of the wall paper.  And the hubs for helping to sand this beast.  And for rolling 17% of the walls.  But I’d especially like to thank my hands – no, my fingers, for getting me through this makeover.  Without you fingers, I’d be no where.  And I’m so so sorry that I abused you.  I mean that.  From the bottom of my heart. 

And doggins, I’m sorry you’ve had to eat breakfast in the dining room for the past month.  But there was no way I was letting the BDD linger in the kitchen because she would find a rogue piece of wallpaper and consume it.

Now, if I start talking about wanting to paint something again, slap me.  I need a break.  This was a huge effort and my body, my mind and likely the hubs all hated at some point.  No more painting.  At least for a year.  Or two.  Hell, let’s make it three.


~ by shutterboo on January 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “Elvis Has Left The Kitchen”

  1. boo! it looks fantastic! and i’m loving how huge your kitchen is!

    • If you were in it, you wouldn’t think it’s huge. It’s quite small. Postage stamp size. But we manage to squeeze 10 adults in it every 4th of July.

  2. It looks fantastic! And I am so, so envious of your counter space. Like, totally.

  3. I love the new color! Looks awesome! I am super jealous…my remodel has no end in sight. We now decided that since our bathroom is looking so great, we should re-paint our bedroom and get new carpet in there. It’s never ending isn’t it?

  4. Much better! Gorgeous color! I hope others heed your warning about the wallpaper…. it came too late for the previous owners of our house, but if you saved just one person, your work here is done!

  5. It looks great! I LOVE that color.

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