Cuddle Buggin

Chase, my super smart dog that can hear, hates the camera.  She usually darts away when I start firing.  I think the noise bothers her.  Whereas the BDD could care less about the noise.  She was so sleepy last night, she didn’t bother moving.  For anything.  Well, if I had said “grandpa” or “frisbee” she’d shot up from her spot on the couch.  But I didn’t.  I took advantage of it.


After paying attention to me for 30 seconds and deciding the camera wasn’t a threat, she curled up.  Into a cuddle bug.  That’s what the hubs and I call it.


She becomes a ball of fur.  Like a Popple.  Man, I loved my Popple.  He was white with a blue belly and orange hair.  But I like this furry Popple much much better.  Because she tucks her nose in her tail.  For warmth?  For the heckuvit?  Because she can?  We’ll never know.


“Food Lady, can’t you see I’m trying to get some rest here?”  She means business.  So I went back to the deaf dog.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.



~ by shutterboo on December 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cuddle Buggin”

  1. chase and justice should be friends. they have a remarkable resemblance to one another….except chase isn’t a fatty. must be the eyebrows. i love those stinkin’ eyebrows.

  2. We call that a “fluff ball” in our house. Mostly because when fluffy little Bonnie or Clyde hide their faces in their tails and close their eyes they could easily be mistaken for giant dust bunnies. When there is more than one fluff ball curled together (as is often the case since they’re littermates) we call it the “puppy pile”.

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