Knot To Brag… OK, Yes I Am

I finished my scarf!

I started this knitting gig about six weeks ago.  My Mom got me started, fixed my mistakes and helped finish her up.  And so did Bev’s magic hands.  I know how to bind off now.  I have absolutely no idea how to cast on.  Which is why I haven’t started on another project yet.  Minor details though.

Here she is, in all her glory, my long, squishy, warm, incredibly soft and static-infused scarf:

My First Knitting Project

It took me 1 week to mess up as much as I possible could.

It took me 2 weeks to distinguish a knit from a purl.

It took me 3 weeks to be able to undo my row to fix a mistake.

It took me 4 weeks to complete 3 rows without a mistake.

It took me 5 weeks to feel like I was “knitting into a black hole”.  (says PodMate)

It took me 6 weeks to finish the darn thing and then tell everyone I’ve met “I made this.  Myself.  With yarn and wooden sticks.  Isn’t it fantastic?”

My First Knitting Project

I love this thing and we don’t even know each other that well yet.  But we will.  Because I plan to wear it everyday it is under 40 degrees outside.  So that when I meet more people I can say “I made this.  Me.  I know, seems impossible right?  Who knew wooden sticks were so useful.  Those apes were on to something.”

My favorite part is the fringe.  I knew I wanted fringe on the scarf when I started it.  And I love it.  I just don’t love how static has these little guys floating through the air and taking my hair with it.  Boo static, boo.

My First Knitting Project

For my next act, I will be doing a hat.  A matching hat.  So it will be ribbed like my scarf.  And in the same yarn.  But I may have to omit fringe.  Or just put a big tassel on top.  We’ll play that one by ear.

To see my scarf’s progress:
I’m On My Way
I’ve Been Bitten

~ by shutterboo on December 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “Knot To Brag… OK, Yes I Am”

  1. Fantastic scarf! I love the yarn you chose, it was so soft and smooshy. I may even have to get some and make a scarf for myself!

    Can’t wait to see the matching hat!

  2. Great job. For those of us non-knitters, what is the difference between a knit and a purl?

    • It’s how you do your loop with the needles. When you look at it, a knit is a “V” shape. A purl is a horizontal line (-). That’s how I understand it at least.
      Maybe I don’t know as much as I’m claiming. 😉

  3. some tips on getting rid of static
    1. Knit some dryer sheets into your next project
    2. Static is more attracted to synthetic material, may try changing yarn if that is possible.
    3. Buy some conductive shoes, while this won’t get rid of static in your scarf it will keep you from getting shocked and give me a reason to laugh at you.

  4. Fantastic job! You go on and wear that scarf.

    The difference between knit and purl is where you carry your working yarn.
    To do a knit stitch you are holding the yarn to the back of the work and you open your stitch from the front.
    To do a purl stitch you hold your yarn in front and you open the stitch from the back.
    You are correct in saying that a knit is a v, but if you do nothing but knit stitches, in every row, all of your stitches will look like horizontal bumps, but they won’t necessarily be purl stitches. Have I lost you yet?

    It would be soo much easier to explain in pictures!

    Looking forward to seeing your next project:)

  5. Awesome job! I tried knitting once, let’s just say I shouldn’t be allowed to toy with pointy objects. I would call dibbs on it, but it wouldn’t be fair to Pretty Scarf. Living in Houston it would be shown off once a year. If lucky.

  6. […] First Knitting Book As you know, I’m new to knitting.  I’ve got my scarf done and I have yet to start on the matching hat.  I’ve enjoyed knitting so far.  I go to […]

  7. That looks great! I tried knitting a few years ago but I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

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