Hand-Me-Down Happiness

I’ve had an old digital camera sitting in a box.  The original box with original manuals and software, memory card and even a card reader (I will never use xD again).  My intention was to sell it on Craig’s List but after some research, I figured I’d only get about $25 out of it.  That wasn’t worth the effort to me.  So I’ve held on to it, not knowing what to do with it, hoping that I’d be able to share it with a friend or family member that was looking for a camera.

My big bro and two of the kiddos visited this past weekend.  Mom and I were taking them shopping with money we’d given them for Christmas – spending time with them was really the only gift we wanted.  With money burning holes in their pockets, I asked big bro what the kids were wanting to get.  “The Boy really wants a new pair of sneakers.  And the Monkey was hoping to find a camera.”  A camera?  Really?  Well speak of the devil…

Got A New Toy

I remember getting toys on Christmas and playing with them nonstop.  But I didn’t expect to see that from my niece.  With a hand-me-down camera.  That really isn’t all that snazzy.  Actually, it’s kind of crappy.  What camera records video but doesn’t have a mic?  Yeah, I didn’t research this one beforehand.  My bad.

Got A New Toy

We went over how to take photos and then view them, how to turn the flash off, how to use the video feature, how to keep the strap around her wrist when she was using it, etcetera.   And then she was off. Taking pictures of me, of her brother, of her mamaw, of the squirrel sitting on the deck… she was all over the place.  And all of her pictures were out of focus.

Got A New Toy

The Monkey did not care that her pictures were out of focus.  She kept flipping through them and giggling at the silly faces we made.  But the more she uses it, the better she’ll get at it.

At one point, she was lying on the ground looking up at her brother, framing him in a shot.

Me: Monkey, what are you doing down there?

Monkey: I’m acting like you, Aunt Brooke.

I think I created a monster.  A monster that uses up the juice of two batteries in less than two hours.  “Mamaw, I need more batteries.”

Thinking Monkey

I had to get in a few of my own, of course.  I couldn’t let this rugrat steal all the good shots in the room.  Luckily, the Monkey loves to play model and she “posed” for me a few different ways.  But my favorite is of her being silly, laying on the carpet, laughing.  How can I not love this face?

Smiling Monkey

Note to family: Just because I like playing with my nieces and nephew and love them a whole whole bunch does not mean they’ll be getting cousins.  Write that down in your little black book.


~ by shutterboo on December 15, 2009.

11 Responses to “Hand-Me-Down Happiness”

  1. I will have to send you some her and her brother’s pictures.

    She thought your job was being a photographer. She was bummed when I told her your were like the rest of us working poor.

    Regardless, the kids like that digi-cam and I am glad the video has no sound so that no one can hear me say, “get that damn thing out of my face” a hundred times.

    • I thought she knew it was just a hobby. Silly nine year olds. I can’t wait to see some their pictures!

      • what she “knows” and what she knows are two different things. I will never forget the day she asked… well, you can ask me to tell you that story in a less public place.

  2. So you’re officially the Awesome Aunt right?

  3. First off, these are all some really great photos. Hands down. It’s really awesome that you did that for the niece. I know she was more than excited. She’s a photographer in the making. I mean, c’mon…she observes you well. I’ve got two camera’s just sitting around that I don’t use or want and I’ve been thinking of selling them or giving to a friend of relative. Who knows.

    Happy Holidays.

  4. […] see this baby?  That’s My Monkey.  My nine-year-old niece.  And look at my tan.  […]

  5. […] and ruffle their parents’ feathers… I’m game for this.  I love how I can pay my Monkey a dollar to do almost anything (she’s such a good sport).  I can’t wait to see the […]

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