Photo Reel: AmyHasBangs

As promised, a few more of my favorites of Amy. 

If you didn’t catch it before, Amy and I work together.  And she has awesome bangs.  And an awesome blog called AmyHasBangs

She’s a beautiful tall slim jim of a blonde.  And hysterically funny.  And I like sticking my kahuna in her pretty little face.  And I like to use the word and a lot.

The back story is I was trying to capture a “cold” photo for my Weekly Photo Challenge.  I asked Amy to bring in a few scarves and what not and we’d not only get a picture for me, but set her up with winter-themed header for her blog. 

Two birds, my friends.  One camera.

This is the shot I chose for “cold“.  Scarf = Cold.  Pretty face = Bonus.

Week 16: Cold

But here are some others that we snagged along the way: 

There were “wardrobe changes”.  Well… accessory changes.  Love it.

More of AmyHasBangs

I like this one a lot.  But it was too similar to my “red” photo.  Look at those eyes.

More of AmyHasBangs

And that smile.  I like this one a lot too.  Big blue eyes.  Bright white smile.  Bangs oozing with personality.

More of AmyHasBangs

After I got what I needed, I pulled down Amy’s hat.  And then that face and those bangs disappeared.  Now she’s AmyDon’tHasBangs.  But I got a pretty funny shot that we both liked. 

Where'd Amy's Bangs Go?

And… that’s all she wrote.  Thanks again, Amy!


~ by shutterboo on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Photo Reel: AmyHasBangs”

  1. they’re all so cute, but i swear the last one is my favorite. probably because green is the bestest color ever…like in the world…

  2. Gorgeous model + talented photographer = awesome photos!

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