Snail Mail? They Ain’t Lying.

I received my wonderful prize for the BBF photo contest in the mail yesterday.  The snail mail.  It took ten days – 10 DAYS! – to mail this small envelope a few miles.  Check the postmark date if you don’t believe me.


The zip code is Lyndon.  I PRACTICALLY LIVE IN LYNDON!  I just don’t get it. I know holiday cards are being mailed but I got Mel’s holiday card in 3 days – and she lives 15 miles from me.  I’m discombobulated.

The good part is that the prize money is finally here.  Along with a lovely handwritten note.  Thank you Bluegrass Balloon Festival.  I’m happy to support your balloon glow and take pictures.  It makes me happy.  And it gives me practice.


So now I just have to venture outside of my house and fight holiday traffic to get to Meijer and spend this $100 like it’s my day job.  And since I haven’t been to the grocery in about…ah… three weeks, this should be easy to do.


My goal is not to have to go grocery shopping again until 2010.  And to figure out a way to Houdini it all in my refrigerator and my sorry excuse for a pantry.  I don’t have a pantry – I have cupboards.  And it’s inconvenient.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Oh, and I’d like to send a warm welcome to new Head Coach Charlie Strong.  I’m so excited to have He-Man as the Louisville Cardinals new football coach.  This man has shoulders on his shoulders.


~ by shutterboo on December 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Snail Mail? They Ain’t Lying.”

  1. You should ask PodMate about some of her lovely Chicago snail mail experiences. This sort of thing happened all the time there.

    Also: Meijer! I love Meijer. I miss Meijer.

  2. This is awesome. Congrats on winning the contest. I bet you were jumping for joy. A hundred bucks for groceries is like Heaven. lol. I HATE SNAIL MAIL! With me living across seas, it can be pretty frustrating. I can have two people from my hometown mail me something the same day and one will get here a week before the other.

  3. I do not even have enough cabinets for food. I had to buy a rolling bakers cart and it is not nearly large enough for even a cereal box. Let me come to your house Brookie. I will organize all your cabinets. One day I would like to organize people’s cabinets for a living. You could even take pictures of your things once an OCD person colorizes them and sorts them by task zone.

    • Jacqueline – Once I get a pantry, I’ll take you up on that offer! The hubs actually organized the cupboards after our massive grocery trip. I don’t think I’ve had a grocery cart that full since… since… shit, I got nothing.

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