Where Did Amy’s Bangs Go?

So this week’s subject for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “cold”.  I could take a picture of my purple fingernails right now that would contend.  Especially considering I’m sporting my pink hobo gloves with the tips cut off.  (It is FREEZING in this office!!!)

But I already got my photo for “cold”.  You have to wait until Wednesday to see it.

My pal Amy at AmyHasBangs modeled for me.  She did such a fantastic job when I needed a red photo for the challenge that I asked her to help me out again.  So we had a seven minute photo shoot at work on a white wall.  OMG.  You have no idea how many of the photos turned out to be great.  To be fantastic.  I want Amy’s eyes.  And possibly her bangs.

Well, usually you can see both her eyes and her bangs but they’ve seem to have disappeared under a layer of green cable-knitted yarn.

Where'd Amy's Bangs Go?

You have to wait for the rest.  I promise to post my favorites… her bangs are just too cool not to.


~ by shutterboo on December 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Where Did Amy’s Bangs Go?”

  1. love you! i owe you all my love and money.

  2. Tip just for you.

    Whenever taking pictures of a reflective materials which all to often will place you in the picture. You should buy a large piece of white or black stiff paper ( 2ft X 3ft ). With this cut out a hole just large enough for the lens to look through. The white paper will reflect all the light back in to the subject, using the black paper will absorb most of the light and will not cast the subject in a better setting. The photographer will need to use both and see where it will make the best picture.

    Your friendly DoDo

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