I’d Like To State For The Record…

… That I am not naughty.

A Christmas tradition was born a few years ago.  Every December, we take one evening and head to Oldham County.  And, with good friends, eat and drink and be merry.  Because it’s the holidays.  And you’re supposed to share it with friends.  And you’re supposed to be merry. 

I look forward to this party.  A lot.  Lots of  “photo” opportunities.  I got my invitation in the mail today.  And it was too darn funny/cute/witty not to share with you.

The Naughty List

I swear I have not been naughty.  The hubs on the other hand… I cannot vouch for him.  We do not spend every minute of every day together so I don’t know what tricks he has up his sleeves.  But I am not.  I’m an angel.  OK, that’s a lie but not naughty.  Never naughty.  Got that?

I wonder if everybody got checked as naughty?  Or if it was random?  Or if she thought she would only get away with teasing certain people? 

Who knows.  But I’m ready to find out who else was naughty!


~ by shutterboo on December 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “I’d Like To State For The Record…”

  1. guess you will have to see…. 🙂

  2. I can verify that not everybody got checked as naughty…remember Santa sees everything 😉

  3. I blame it on the menfolk!

  4. i will have you know i have total proof you have been naughty. please see “zipper” post. Someone (you) sexed up the interweb.

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