Chevy: The Zombie Dog

We had a little adventure yesterday.  Chevy & Chase, my beloved doggins, got out of the backyard.  We have a gate on our deck that sticks and you see, we don’t exactly latch it.  The dogs have managed to get it open when someone comes to visit but never have just pushed it open for the helluva it.  Guess what?

Everyone got home safe and sound.  Chase ventured much further, taking in the sights on her little walk.  Chevy only made it to the corner – the kids in the yard were a major distraction and she just couldn’t resist.  She also could resist Rev when he approached her (we say that she calls Rev her boyfriend).  I’m just glad my BDD didn’t decide to chase a car because she’d probably be a BDDD: Big Dead Deaf Dog. 

The escape artists were pooped after the whole shenanigan was over.  After lapping up 3 gallons of water, they settled down.  Chevy, the doggin that most likely opened the gate [because she has bigger muscles than Chase], curled up for a  nap.  And when this happens, I think photoshoot!! and stick the camera in her face.

Now imagine Chevy can talk.  I do this quite frequently.  We have conversations about life as we know it.  And she has a really deep voice because she’s a big dog.  This is what she was saying while I was taking her picture.

Man, it’s nice outside.  I should totally go to the door and see if food lady will open it.  Those midgets were fun.  They might still be there.


Ah man, my head got too heavy again.  I hate it when that happens.


I better stay right here.  So comfy.  And food lady’s got that shiny thing in my face again.  If I lay real still maybe she’ll go away.


Or…I’ll… maul… fa…


*stretches out*

Why is she still here?  Food Lady, ain’t you got bacon to fry?

My Zombie Dog

OK, so I know I’ve said before that Chevy sleeps like the living dead.  She’s completely deaf (yes, deaf as she cannot hear) so when she’s asleep, usually the only thing that wakes her is a vibration.  Or a cute Chasey Bear pouncing on top of her.  But I say “living dead” because she never closes her eyes when she sleeps.  It’s so gross.  She has something like a third eyelid or some kind of membrane that slips over her eye and it’s just so blech but I couldn’t help it.  I had to do it. 

Internet, I present to you: Zombie Dog.

My Zombie Dog

My Zombie Dog

My Zombie Dog

My Zombie Dog

My Zombie Dog




~ by shutterboo on November 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Chevy: The Zombie Dog”

  1. brooke. i cannot stop laughing! i’m finding this hysterical and horrifyingly disturbing all at the same time.

  2. Ewwwwww!

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